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Jan 25 2019 12:58PM
Dying to save the environment in Mexico
Mexican environmental defender Julián Carrillo was murdered for defending his Indigenous community. Governments around the world must do more to protect human rights defenders.

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I'm Amnesty's Refugee and Migrant Rights Programme Director, and I've worked in immigration and asylum law since 1999.

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Dec 18 2018 2:25PM
Another Home Office scandal
Children as young as 10 are being denied their rights to British citizenship because they are, or might be, assessed by the Home Office not to be of good character

About me

I'm the Director of Amnesty International UK. As well as my work leading one of the largest Amnesty sections, I have the privilege of meeting human rights activists across the world as part of our research and lobbying missions, most recently in Afghanistan, Kenya and Egypt.

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Dec 12 2018 2:02PM
Our 2018 human rights victories!
As we come to the end of 2018 and head into a new year, I want to say thank you for being a human rights champion. I’m so grateful to be facing the future with you. Together, we’ve achieved so much in the last 12 months.
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Dec 10 2018 3:16PM
The Deadly Dread
Take action against human rights abuses in Eritrea. Written by Alex Jackson, Country Coordinator for Eritrea.