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Mar 3 2020 11:17AM
How Shell’s polluting business model in Nigeria may have to change

60 years of poorly maintained pipelines and wells, along with inadequate clean-up practices have damaged the health and livelihoods of over 30 million people living in the Niger Delta. But all this might be about to change.

Jul 6 2018 5:47PM
Why should trade deals be wrapped in secrecy?

The less the public and Parliament know about trade deals that are being negotiated, the less they are in a position to challenge their likely impacts.

Apr 5 2017 4:58PM
These businesses are making millions running Nauru refugee detention centre

By Peter Frankental, our Business and Human Rights Programme Director In a remote corner of the Pacific Ocean, the Australian government has created an island of despair, where refugees fleeing persecution are trapped and live in...

Nov 30 2016 1:50PM
Why your pot noodle might not just be bad for you, but for Indonesian child labourers too

It’s a sad state of affairs when companies, confronted with allegations of slavery in their supply chains, admit to it with little sense of shame. They express concern, tell us it’s unacceptable and that they’re doing everything they...

Feb 23 2016 2:00PM
The UK is sweeping away human rights complaints against companies

F1 World Management had an NCP complaint lodged against it for holding the F1 Grand Prix in Bahrain, where human rights abuses by the authorities are rife. The complaint was only partially accepted. It seems somewhat perverse that the...

Nov 10 2015 7:00AM
Shell haunted by Ken Saro Wiwa legacy as Niger Delta communities demand justice

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the execution of Ken Saro Wiwa and eight other Ogoni leaders, hanged by the Nigerian state after they spoke out against the government and campaigned against Shell’s operations in Nigeria’s Ogoniland...

Jul 23 2015 6:05PM
Trafigura: What if police said it was too hard to chase criminals?

Prosecutors, the police and the Environment Agency have essentially told us that they can’t be bothered to investigate a UK company’s role in the dumping of toxic waste in the Ivory Coast which left up to 100,000 people with skin...

May 28 2015 6:58PM
MEPs vote to stop the conflict minerals trade in defiance of industry lobbying

On 20 May, the European Parliament took us all by surprise by voting in favour of a strong and binding law to tackle the deadly trade in conflict minerals. The trade in resources – such as gold, diamonds, tantalum, tin and coal...

Mar 31 2015 6:19PM
The UK’s Modern Slavery Act – how will businesses react?

When The Economist features an article titled Modern Slavery: Everywhere in supply chains , we can be sure that the issue of slavery is on the radar of many corporations, not merely for ethical reasons but as a potential reputational...

Jan 7 2015 11:20AM
Oil giant Shell humbled by Bodo fishermen in UK court settlement

After decades of blaming anyone else for the ecological disaster in the Niger Delta, Shell has been forced to point the finger at itself. Why else would the company make an out-of-court settlement of £55m and admit to telling lies...

Dec 3 2014 4:00PM
Why Bhopal still matters, 30 years on

Today marks 30 years since the worst case of corporate negligence in living memory. It’s a day to commemorate, but more fundamentally to draw attention to the need for justice in what is a continuing present day human rights travesty...

Aug 5 2014 2:17PM
Shell’s day of reckoning approaches

It is three years since the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) published the findings of a ground-breaking scientific study into the appalling impacts of oil pollution in the Ogoniland region of the Niger Delta. It found...

Apr 7 2014 9:51AM
The documents that show our Government caved in to corporate lobbying

Are there any principles that the UK government is willing to stand up for in the face of business lobbying? Apparently not, if documents released through a Freedom of Information request are anything to go by. These show, in detail...

Sep 4 2013 6:12PM
UK’s Action Plan on Business and Human Rights – a break with the past?

When two Secretaries of State – Hague and Cable - combine to launch a government plan for UK businesses to respect human rights , it’s safe to assume they consider it a Big Thing. But how much does the government really care what UK...

Aug 19 2013 5:25PM
How your campaigning helped stop a Vedanta mine in Orissa, India

Indigenous people in Orissa, India, have blocked plans by UK-based Vedanta resources to open a mine in their sacred Nyamgiri Hills. Peter Frankental, our Business and Human Rights campaigner, reflects When in 2008 we began drawing...