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From local Amnesty members to government ministers, and human rights defenders to fundraising stars. Our guest bloggers cover all angles of our work and what it means to defend human rights.

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Jul 27 2017 2:57PM
LGBTI rights are a work in progress
It's fifty years since the UK legislated for a partial decriminalisation of homosexuality. We’ve come a long way since yet we are still a long way off a truly equal society for LGBTI+ people both here in the UK and globally.

About me

Shao Jiang, a former prisoner of conscience for his active role in the 1989 pro-democracy movement, is a committed activist-scholar, who lives and works in exile in London. The academic interests focus on politics and media, social movement, democratisation, feminism, law in PRC and Hong Kong, autonomy & sovereignty & self-determination, international Human Rights mechanisms, comparative studies on development models and political institutions, theory and practice of Civil Society. Publications include Citizen Publications in China before the Internet (Palgrave, 2015).

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Jul 14 2017 11:27PM
London vigil: remember Liu Xiaobo & free Liu Xia
A vigil to remember Liu Xiaobo, call for Liu Xia’s freedom, immediately and unconditionally all prisoners of conscience currently held in China; Venue: opposite the Chine...

About me

Likes: la vita italiana; reggae; Claire Denis; suits; jazz; espresso; Iain Sinclair; London; punk; not eating meat ...

Also on Twitter as @Niluccio or if you're a journalist you can call the Amnesty UK media team on +44 (0)20 7033 1547.

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Jul 14 2017 4:32PM
Piss-poor - the Russian authorities’ understanding of Pussy Riot
One of the last times I posted something on Pussy Riot I was waxing lyrical (literally) on what I saw as the underlying radicalism of Pussy Riot’s Situationist-style art-...
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Jul 7 2017 12:47PM
Love is a right, not a gift
By Simon Ware, Chair at Amnesty UK LGBTI Network This year’s theme for Pride in London is “Love Happens Here”. It does. It happens everywhere, and it takes all forms imag...
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Jun 29 2017 3:25PM
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