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Campaign Manager - Crisis & Tactical. I am currently spending most of my time on Syria but also work across the Middle East/North Africa region managing this campaign.

Likes - Traveling, footy, dogs (mine), good food, drumming, good music (anything sincere - jazz, funk, unclassified and my own www.derridapearl.com), floating in the sea, not getting caught.

I also blog on my own site at www.kristyanbenedict.com

You can find me on Twitter as @KreaseChan

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Nov 19 2019 2:18PM
The call that never came: how one Syrian torture survivor is refusing to let injustice crush him
Kristyan Benedict - @KreaseChan “Make sure my phone is always charged in case Islam calls me” - that’s what Ahmad Helmi told his mother when she visited him in prison. Islam Dabbas was Ahmad’s best friend. His companion from boyhood. T...

About me

I love slogan t-shirts and protest fashion, and believe buying and wearing t-shirts are a small act of resistance against the patriarchy. I work with artists, fairtrade co-operatives, and ethical small businesses to raise money and raise awareness for Amnesty.

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Nov 7 2019 1:19PM
Leaders of Today
Exclusive and limited edition children's t-shirts, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of the Child.
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Oct 15 2019 4:54PM
Would you want this woman as your best friend?
I want "Would you want this woman" above the photo and "to be your best friend?" below, the question and the photo forming the title of the blog. The best friend of Aster Fissehatsion was the Minister of Justice of Eritrea
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Oct 10 2019 2:59PM
Sunday 18 August
The Imprisoned Writers Series at the Edinburgh International Book Festival Since 1997, Amnesty International in Scotland has shared the voices of writers whose human rights have been compromised - because they have been imprisoned, exi...
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Oct 10 2019 2:51PM
Ndume Olatushani: 20 years on death row for a crime he didn't commit
Ndume Olatushani spent 28 years in a Tennessee prison - 20 years on death row - for a crime that he did not commit: the 1983 murder of Joe Belenchia. Twenty years of legal battles uncovered that evidence against him had been fabricated...