About me

Campaign Manager - Crisis & Tactical. I am currently spending most of my time on Syria but also work across the Middle East/North Africa region managing this campaign.

Likes - Traveling, footy, dogs (mine), good food, drumming, good music (anything sincere - jazz, funk, unclassified and my own www.derridapearl.com), floating in the sea, not getting caught.

I also blog on my own site at www.kristyanbenedict.com

You can find me on Twitter as @KreaseChan

Latest post
Oct 12 2020 4:12PM
Countless Brave Syrian Activists Made The Koblenz Torture Trial Possible

By Mansour Omari Earlier this year, on April 23, a monumental event happened. The first ever trial about Syrian state torture started in Koblenz, Germany. The German prosecution charged two Syrians, Anwar Raslan and Iyad Al-Gharib...

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Sep 8 2020 12:14PM
Back to School Resources to help teachers and home educators wanting to explore Human Rights Education

We have put together a selection of resources produced by us and other organisations which you can use in your contexts to explore Human Rights Education.

Latest post
Aug 28 2020 10:52AM
Parwana Amiri and the power of young voices

The experience of refugees and refugee families arriving in Europe is something most of us will never fully be able to understand. Much of what we hear is so far beyond our experience that it is difficult to fully process what we are...

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Aug 27 2020 5:08PM
20 minutes of life and death in Beirut

Rana Khoury is a creative director, university lecturer and social entrepreneur. She co-founded the social enterprise“Phenomenal Women” that links women survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse and discrimination to training...

About me

I'm the Northern Ireland Programme Director and Head of Nations & Regions at Amnesty International UK.

You'll find me on twitter: @PatrickCorrigan as well as Amnesty Northern Ireland: @AmnestyNI

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Jul 31 2020 11:17AM
Unapologetically fabulous: fighting to thrive during a global crisis

Amnesty International Belfast Pride Lecture 2020, delivered online July 30 2020 - Dr Senthorun Raj Lecture text below. Video of lecture and follow-up Q&A, chaired by William Crawley: Fabulous. It’s a word that packs a lot of punch...