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I'm the Government Relations Manager at Amnesty UK. Previously, I worked at Islamic Relief UK and Shelter, and as a Parliamentary Researcher for an MP.

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Oct 31 2018 1:57PM
The Human Rights Act: Still on high alert
The British Bill of Rights – the replacement for the Human Rights Act 1998 – started off sounding like it might be an opportunity to expand protections and ensure rights, but It quickly became apparent that the idea was a trojan horse....

About me

Campaiger for human rights defenders. Currently running our 'Stop Torture' campaign. Follow me: @tomdavies77


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Sep 18 2018 5:30PM
Refugee Family Reunion Bill being blocked by the Government?
Six months ago, MPs voted overwhelmingly to support a Bill to change the restrictive Home Office rules which keep many refugee families separated from those they love.

About me

I'm the Northern Ireland Programme Director and Head of Nations & Regions at Amnesty International UK.

You'll find me on twitter: @PatrickCorrigan as well as Amnesty Northern Ireland: @AmnestyNI

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Sep 17 2018 2:32PM
Northern Ireland’s increasing problem with racism
Northern Ireland has a racism problem. This guest blog by Michael Walker explores the extent of the problem and argues for legislative change.
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Aug 15 2018 1:33PM
Philippines human rights defender is still in prison
Written by Huw Jones, Country Co-ordinator -The Philippines “Our mission will never, in truth, be completed because the moment we stop fighting is the moment that tyrants regain their foothold. The moment we let our fire die out is the...