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Aug 31 2011 4:57PM
Settler attacks on West Bank Olive Trees: A story from Qusra

Attacks on olive trees has become part of the modus operandi of the aggressive settler communities in the West Bank. In July alone (see this UNOCHA report for more information), the small town of Burin south of Nablus had their olive...

Aug 8 2011 11:10PM
Suffer the little children: Childhood and the Occupation in Palestine

My teammate Eva and Iwalked up the family home stairs to get a better view of the nearby settlementof Itamar from the flat rooftop. Along with the clothes drying in the intensemorning sun and the view that stretched across olive trees...

Jul 22 2011 9:51PM
Demolition of water wells in the west bank - Al Nasariya

Last Tuesday (July 12th) the Yanoun team weremeeting with the local families in the community. We sat under the tree infront of Yassers house and discussed the problems of living with the settlers,as relayed in my previous blog. Fauzi...

Jul 16 2011 8:30PM
Israeli Settlements and the Suffocation of a Palestinian Community (part II)

(This piece is a part II of this blog)The organisation I am here with, EAPPI has been the sole constant international presence here since 2003. Since our arrival, attacks on the village are down by 90%. In the absence of physical...

Jul 16 2011 7:58PM
Israeli Settlements and the suffocation of a Palestinian Community (part I)

There are currently 500,000 Israeli settlers living in the WestBank (EAPPI, Unjust Settlement). Theyare all illegal under international humanitarian law (IHL), which, in Article49 (6) of the Geneva Convention states that the occupying...

Jan 27 2009 6:19PM
Putting the Past Before Us: On the eve of the Eames Bradley Report, the story thus far

Tomorrow the long awaited Eames-Bradley Consultative Group on The Past (CGP) report will be released. Recent reports suggesting that all victims of the troubles (irrespective of their own roles in the troubles) will be entitled to the...

Nov 2 2008 1:13AM
We Are All Born Free! (...and a little bit fluffy)

" It seems to me that here at such an early age, in children's books, we shoul be celebrating difference as well as cosy homegrown certainties. And through books our children can grow and imagine what it might be like to be in someone...

Oct 26 2008 9:04PM
Poetic Redress: A night of "middle class c**ts acting out" at the Baby Grand, Belfast

The title refers to an anecdote from Glenn Patterson regarding an email he received from a friend about her feelings on human rights and those who would gather to discuss them at Thursday night's "Poetic redress" in the Opera House's...

Oct 23 2008 1:34AM
Mary Robinson....take a bow.

This is the final blogging of the Mary Robinson Lecture for the Annual Amnesty International Lecture as part of the Queens Festival, Belfast. The previous two blogs can be found here and here After an uplifting speech peppered with...

Oct 23 2008 1:29AM
Mary Robinson....strike two!

* This is a continuation of a blogging of the Mary Robinson lecture given as The Annual Amnesty International Lecture as part of the Festival at Queens. 13.30 From calling on the ghosts of human rights past Dr. Robinson moved on to the...

Oct 17 2008 7:19PM
Mary Robinson: Queens' Festival Annual Amnesty International Lecture

The idea today had been for me to do a live blogging of Mary Robinson's presentation at this year's Queen's Annual Amnesty International Lecture. Alas due to low wireless reception this was not to be. So what I did instead was log...