Book and Activities: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning To Kill a Mockingbird is a twentieth century classic. Find out how you can use the no

Women activists face prison sentences

11 Saudi women activists on trial risk prison sentences for their activism.

Second update on UA: 105/18

Free author Ahmet Altan

Renowned Turkish author and former newspaper editor was re-detained after a court overturned the decision to release him.

First UA: 166/19

Outcome: University lecturer released

Ethiopian university teacher was released after three months imprisonment for writing a book he claims no involvement in.

Outcome UA: 123/19

Man at risk of imminent execution

Belarusian man at risk of execution, following a trial which human rights defenders say violated his right to fair trial.

First UA: 168/19

Palestinian NGO worker in administrative detention

A Palestinian NGO worker and activist has been issued a 4-month administrative detention order by Israeli military.

First UA: 161/19

Further prison sentences for "Peacock Generation"

Six members of a satirical poetry troupe face additional charges and a year in prison for criticising the military.

First update on UA: 147/19

Referendum called and state of emergency ended

The state of emergency has ended in Chile and there will be a constitutional referendum in April 2020. Protests continue.

Outcome UA: 137/19
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Human rights defender's body found after 40 days missing

Missing indigenous human rights defender has been found dead 40 days after his disappearance.

First UA: 162/19

Human rights defender imprisoned and ill-treated

Crimean human rights defender, Server Mustafayev, faces up to 25-years imprisonment on false terrorism charges.

First UA: 150/19