Book and Activities: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning To Kill a Mockingbird is a twentieth century classic. Find out how you can use the no

Urgent Action update: Poet held over poem calling for government reform

Abdirahman Ibrahim Adan, a poet in Somaliland, has been in detention since 12 January.

UA 17/19 issued 06/02/2019

Urgent Action update: Over two thousand people risk forced eviction

The Deep Sea Community in Nairobi, Kenya is once again at imminent risk of forced evictions.

1st update on UA 141/18 issued 06/02/2019

Urgent Action update: Detained journalist denied family visits

Journalist Amade Abubacar was transferred from the Macomia district prison to Mieze prison in Pemba district.

2nd update on UA 1/19 issued 05/02/2019

Urgent Action: Detained online activist alleges torture in prison

Soro Tangboho alias Carton noir, an outspoken online activist, was arbitrarily arrested on 8 November 2018.

UA 14/19 issued 05/02/2019

Urgent Action outcome: Sentenced to one year in prison for posting Facebook video

Agustinus Yolemal, a Papuan pro-independence activist was sentenced to 1 year’s imprisonment.

1st update on UA 165/18 issued 30/01/2019

Urgent Action: Labour rights activists at risk of further torture

Iranian labour rights activists Esmail Bakhshi and Sepideh Gholian are at grave risk of further torture.

UA 11/19 issued 29/01/2019

Urgent Action: TV producer held in North Korea for 50 years

Former TV producer from South Korea not allowed to return to his home country after arriving involuntarily to North Korea

UA 13/19 issued 29/01/2019

Urgent Action: Forty-seven students held incommunicado, one killed

Forty-seven students of Darfur origin remain in incommunicado detention after security agents arrested them in raids.

UA 9/19 issued 25/01/2019

Urgent Action: Activist arbitrarily detained for almost 6 months

Peter Biar Ajak, a prominent South Sudanese academic and activist, has been arbitrarily for almost six months.

1st update on UA 143/18 issued 25/01/2019