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May 21 2013 10:55AM
An Arms Trade Treaty at last: my reflections

I’m sitting here in a haze. Yesterday I attended a historic milestone. A celebration that meant that over 20 years of campaigning had taken effect. On 3 June an Arms Trade Treaty will be open for signatures. We will no longer live in a...

Feb 20 2013 6:53PM
Why Activism Is Not A Solitary Vocation (And Can Be Quite A Laugh)

By Martin, Glasgow University Amnesty Student Group There are days when being a passionate human rights advocate can seem like a solitary vocation, but 9 February was not one of them. It was the day Glasgow University Amnesty Student...

Nov 18 2012 4:44PM
The hope and future of the Amnesty movement

"Spend some time every day defending your human rights while you have them. Enjoy them to the full. Don't wait until your rights are taken away to start standing up for them!" That was Jenni Williams of Women Of Zimbabwe Arise's...

Jun 19 2012 5:57PM
The Arms Trade Treaty Campaign; what an exciting time to be involved with Amnesty!

By Hannah Russell, 2nd year Ancient History Student at Royal Holloway As anyone who is involved in Amnesty will know, the Arms Trade Treaty talks will be taking place in July, an event that could be remembered as one of the greatest...

Jun 12 2012 3:56PM
Student Human Rights Reporter of the Year

Today's blog is written by Amy Mackinnon, who was awarded Student Human Rights Reporter 2012 at the Amnesty Media Awards on Tuesday 29 May for her article The Curious Case of John Oguchuckwu, The Glasgow Guardian I once read somewhere...

Apr 23 2012 4:06PM
The 2012 AGM: An electric atmosphere - energising, inspiring and entertaining in a wholly different way!

By Caitlin Green, Student Action Network Committee (STAN) + York University Amnesty Student Group Co-Chair The Amnesty International UK Annual General Meeting (AGM) has just been wrapped up splendidly, with a real sense of community...