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Jul 16 2014 2:04PM
Stand with Dina Meza – a journalist under threat in Honduras

Aspiring writers might dream of being an award-winning journalist with access to a wealth of captivating stories on crime, corruption and political intrigue. But what’s the reality in countries where freedom of speech is under serious...

Nov 29 2013 10:56AM
Offices attacked, vital evidence stolen and burned. Write a letter in support of El Salvador’s Pro-Búsqueda

In the early hours of 14 November, three armed men forced their way into the offices of Pro-Búsqueda, an organisation dedicated to locating children who ‘disappeared’ during El Salvador’s civil war. Three staff members were held...

Sep 9 2013 5:07PM
Enforced disappearance is torture for the families left behind

When someone you love “disappears” it leaves a deep, searing scar. There’s no closure. No grave to place flowers on. Just pain and uncertainty, with an unquenchable thirst for justice. María Guzman describes it as torture. Her life...

May 13 2013 10:46AM
El Salvador’s abortion laws could kill 22-year old Beatriz

The issue of abortion rights was a controversial subject for some at Amnesty. But many of those who opted out of campaigning in this area have been touched by the story of Beatriz in El Salvador. This is a case which takes the argument...