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Aug 19 2014 2:06AM
Omar Sa'ad and conscientious objectors imprisoned in Israel for refusing to bear arms against Palestinians

With tensions high in Israel, this is a particularly difficult time to be a conscientious objector in a country where military service is compulsory for almost all of its young men and women. Omar Saad, a Druze viola player from...

Jul 15 2014 2:44AM
War crimes by all sides as sectarian violence against civilians continues in Iraq

ISIS, armed groups and militias, and Iraqi Government forces have committed war crimes and gross abuses of human rights in the conflict spreading across Iraq. Northern Iraq: Civilians in the Line of Fire is a new briefing by Amnesty...

Apr 30 2014 12:41PM
Starvation and torture. Ban Ki Moon's second report on humanitarian access to Syria

Last week, Ban Ki Moon presented his second report on the ‘implementation of Security Council Resolution 2139’ – the resolution calling on all sides in Syria to allow immediate humanitarian access to crisis areas such as Yarmouk...

Mar 11 2014 4:01PM
Deliberate starvation and war crimes in Yarmouk

In Yarmouk just a few years ago you could never go hungry. A place which began as a Palestinian refugee camp in 1948 developed into a bustling commercial hub. Now, it’s no longer a sanctuary but the scene of some of the worst...