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About me

I'm the Publisher at Amnesty UK, which means I manage all of our publishing and co-publishing arrangements and try to raise awareness of human rights through literature. I'm especially interested in the power of fiction, poetry and illustrations. I've worked here since 2001 and have been a member since I was at school - a long time ago!

Latest post
Dec 4 2020 1:27PM
Books to inspire activism - from toddlers to teens

We believe that children’s books are a perfect way to explore human rights, no matter how old you are. No idea is too weighty, even for a toddler, if it is communicated with skill.

About me

Digital Engagement and Campaigns at Amnesty International UK

Latest post
Nov 18 2020 12:03PM
5 things you need to know about the Overseas Operations Bill

Torture is never OK - but right now, the government is attempting to pass a Bill that would decriminalise torture and war crimes committed by British soldiers more than five years ago. But what is the Overseas Operations Bill?

About me

I'm the Northern Ireland Programme Director and Head of Nations & Regions at Amnesty International UK.

You'll find me on twitter: @PatrickCorrigan as well as Amnesty Northern Ireland: @AmnestyNI

Latest post
Nov 5 2020 9:31AM
The case against the use of spit hoods in response to Covid-19

Patrick Corrigan, our Head of Nations and Regions, on why the PSNI was wrong to introduce controversial spit hoods in response to Covid-19.

Latest post
Aug 28 2020 10:52AM
Parwana Amiri and the power of young voices

The experience of refugees and refugee families arriving in Europe is something most of us will never fully be able to understand. Much of what we hear is so far beyond our experience that it is difficult to fully process what we are...

Latest post
May 29 2020 11:18AM
Rewrites - Bite Size Activity

Celebrate our right to equality by rewriting a story so that a supporting character is now the hero.