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Jun 25 2019 4:38PM
Women’s safety is a political issue, not a private matter

After neighbours call the police after an argument between PM-hopeful Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds, is privacy a political issue? When it comes to ending violence against women, there are no secrets, and no closed doors.

Oct 4 2018 4:37PM
Conservative conference 2018: too many leaders not enough rights

This year's Conservative Party Conference saw bid-for-leadership speeches from several of its Party members. There was a lot of 'hot air' but not much expelled on human rights.

Jul 11 2018 10:41AM
Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle is another political merry-go-round – but what does it mean for human rights?

Whether President Trump likes Johnson or not, the UK now has a new Foreign Secretary, and it will be Jeremy Hunt who meets the President during his visit. As first weeks in a new job go, this is a pretty big one.

May 23 2018 12:37PM
Saudi women arrested for driving - not cars, but human rights change

Women in Saudi Arabia will finally be able to drive legally in June 2018. But in a cruel twist, several of the women's human rights defenders who led the campaign have been arrested.

Nov 4 2015 10:00AM
Chinese money, Saudi security and arms for Egypt: does Cameron care about human rights at all?

It has been months since the media first started suggesting that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi would visit the UK soon, but it seems the “autocratic” leader will finally make it to London this week. It’s not too surprising...

Oct 6 2015 6:26PM
Theresa May's absence of evidence is evidence of absence

Party conference speeches are often heavy on the rhetoric, light on the detail. They are meant to be rousing and engaging, after all, so I guess statistics, research and, I don't know...proof, often get bumped for metaphors and even...

Aug 10 2015 5:57PM
Prime Minister, we need to talk about people

David Cameron tells the UK : 'Our migrant communities are a fundamental part of who we are and Britain is a far richer and stronger society because of them.' Yes, Prime Minister! How right you are. I couldn’t agree more with you that...

Jul 1 2015 3:21PM
Warning: stay out of the sun, drink water, celebrate the Human Rights Act

Slap on the sunscreen - it’s the hottest day for a decade and health warnings are being doled out like sweets given to fancy-dressed children on Halloween. If only misguided government proposals also came with their own health warnings...

Jan 26 2015 6:21PM
Celebs say they're ashamed the UK has failed Syrian refugees: they're right

What do Sting, Emma Thompson, Vivienne Westwood and Michelle Dockery have in common? Vivienne Westwood isn’t well known for being a rock star, and Sting hasn’t ever (I don’t think?!) starred in an ITV historical drama (the award...

Oct 28 2014 2:06PM
Is there ever a justification for leaving people to drown in the Med?

Why do people leave their homes, travel by foot many hundreds of miles, risk attack, exploitation, starvation and hunger, to board rickety, crowded boats (the kind that are known to have sank previously , killing hundreds of people in...

Oct 1 2014 5:20PM
Why human rights were on the tips of everyone’s tongues at Conservative Party Conference…yes, really!

With defections to UKIP , an embarrassed Ministerial resignation , pensions and NHS funding dominating the news surrounding this year’s Conservative Party Conference, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Human Rights were far from...

Jul 15 2014 4:11PM
Drip drip drip - how debate about our right to privacy was drowned out by the sound of reshuffling

Oh the irony that social media users are currently so distracted by the Prime Minister’s chess board manoeuvring of Ministers ahead of next year’s election, that they aren’t talking about a law (being debated today) which would justify...

Mar 7 2014 5:55PM
Is the f-word no longer a dirty word?

A few days before International Women’s Day 2014, Lily Allen announced she hates the word feminism . A few months ago David Cameron declined to identify himself as a feminist . Why? Is feminism a dirty word? Does the concept of equal...

Sep 16 2013 1:25PM
Trend-setting feminists, Liberal Democrat activists - who knew?

In yesterday’s Independent Jane Merrick suggested that you can tell a lot about a political party’s state of being by the makeup of its conference attendees and activists : younger and trendier activists hint at growing power, she says...

Aug 20 2013 3:24PM
Eggs and bullets: the occupational hazards of a politician

Ed Miliband had an egg thrown at him last week . “These things happen” he said afterwards, shrugging off his coat (and perhaps his embarrassment) and continuing about his business. I guess having eggs thrown at you is a bit of an...

Jun 12 2013 12:06PM
The “War on Terror” or a war of horror?

Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001? It’s one of those days that most people remember – most people with access to TV and the internet that is – because the events of that day were so shocking. I was working in a call...

Jun 4 2013 5:23PM
Mexico: beaches, enchiladas and enforced disappearances

Type ‘Mexico’ into Google and the vast majority of the links presented to you will relate to tourism (unless that’s just a result of scarily accurate user profiling…yes Google, I have just got back from a holiday and yes, Google, I do...