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Dec 22 2021 6:00PM
Taking action in support of Amnesty’s Write For Rights campaign

Written by Diana Johnson MP - Chair of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group. I am pleased to be writing this blog in my role as Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Human Rights Group (PHRG) to mark Amnesty International's annual Write...

Dec 21 2021 5:09PM
Showing support to LGBTI rights organisations in Ukraine

Written by Crispin Blunt MP. As Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global LGBTI rights, I often speak to and hear from LGBTI rights activists from around the world – they are usually doing incredibly important work to...

Oct 11 2019 2:45PM
Understanding poverty and social rights through lived experience

Written by Thomas Croft and Moraene Roberts, National Coordination Team of ATD Fourth World. Too many people are falling through gaps in service provision in the UK today. Many have no choice but to sleep rough and resort to food banks...

Oct 4 2018 4:37PM
Conservative conference 2018: too many leaders not enough rights

This year's Conservative Party Conference saw bid-for-leadership speeches from several of its Party members. There was a lot of 'hot air' but not much expelled on human rights.

Jul 11 2018 10:41AM
Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle is another political merry-go-round – but what does it mean for human rights?

Whether President Trump likes Johnson or not, the UK now has a new Foreign Secretary, and it will be Jeremy Hunt who meets the President during his visit. As first weeks in a new job go, this is a pretty big one.

May 23 2018 12:37PM
Saudi women arrested for driving - not cars, but human rights change

Women in Saudi Arabia will finally be able to drive legally in June 2018. But in a cruel twist, several of the women's human rights defenders who led the campaign have been arrested.

Sep 6 2017 11:00AM
Leaving not losing – rights, freedoms and equalities in the Brexit bill

Britain is withdrawing from the EU and we must ensure the hard-won rights people enjoy today will be the same on the day we leave.

Jun 21 2017 6:35PM
Six human rights take homes from the Queen’s Speech

So, what is this Queen’s Speech and why does it matter? Well for some it is the highlight of the political calendar…for the pomp and ceremony alone it is worth a look. The Queen (usually) gets all dressed up in her finery, jokes are...

May 5 2017 10:39AM
Under pressure – UK arms sales to Saudi

By Lucy Wake - Government and Political Relations Manager, Amnesty UK If we have learnt anything from the suffragettes, global human rights movements or gay rights campaigners it must be this. Change is not inevitable. Change is hard...

Apr 11 2017 7:33PM
Theresa May's "Global Britain" - prosperity over peace?

By Lucy Wake, Amnesty Government and Political Relations Manager It’s recess in the hallways of power. A time for MPs to see more of their constituents, or indeed have a well-earned break. Our Prime Minister, however, has taken the...

Mar 30 2017 5:34PM
UK Government targeting WhatsApp is another security red herring

Written by Joe Westby, Amnesty Researcher on Technology and Human Rights Follow @JoeWestby on Twitter Anyone who hoped that the debate about encryption had already been put to bed was, sadly, wrong. Today, UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd...

Mar 29 2017 10:07AM
What does Brexit mean for human rights?

Written by Allan Hogarth, Head of Advocacy and Programmes at Amnesty International UK So it’s official, the Prime Minister has triggered Article 50 and we are leaving the European Union. Following last June’s decision to leave the EU...

Feb 20 2017 7:12PM
Five questions the UK government must answer regarding arms to Saudi Arabia

Why does the UK continue to supply weapons to Saudi Arabia - a country accused of such unlawful and devastating airstrikes in Yemen? In response, Ministers continue to roll out the line that the UK has one of the most robust sales...

Jan 18 2017 12:28PM
What does a Trump administration mean for women around the world?

On Saturday 21 January, one day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, women-led marches will take place in the streets of at least 62 cities in 32 countries, to send a strong message of support for human rights, and against the politics...

Dec 9 2016 2:48PM
Madeleine Moon MP celebrates Human Rights Day by taking action in support of Ilham Tohti

Every year Human Rights Day, which commemorates the adoption of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, reminds us of how important universal rights are. For everyone, everywhere. But sadly so many people all over the world still...

Dec 8 2016 5:18PM
Amnesty International's Parliamentary Reception for Human Rights Day

Yesterday, we were once again thrilled to be able to mark Human Rights Day with our annual Parliamentary Reception in the Speaker’s House of Westminster Palaces. Ministers, MPs and Peers joined Amnesty activists, staff, volunteers and...

Oct 5 2016 5:04PM
There are no borders to compassion

We have been asking party conferences across the UK whether we have done enough to tackle the refugee crisis. This week was the turn of the Conservatives. As everyone rushes from meeting to meeting at party conferences, trying to look...

Oct 3 2016 3:17PM
Labour conference: A call for more voices of kindness

I was last at Labour conference in 2009 – then I was in Brighton working for a Government Minister who was being lobbied by business, NGOs and individuals alike. Seven years on and I was back! Location: Liverpool. Purpose: to lobby for...

Aug 10 2016 2:15PM
Running or swimming for your life

I don’t know about you sports fans/political geeks but the Olympics and Paralympics feel like welcome break from a topsy-turvy rollercoaster of a political summer. A breather from Brexit and the ensuing chaos and political bickering...

Jul 13 2016 4:10PM
A new Prime Minister. A fresh start for human rights?

What a time to take over the reins of a country. Brexit fall out. A reported spike in hate crime , racism and xenophobia and a global refugee crisis in urgent need of political will and prioritisation… Welcome Theresa May. Welcome to...