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Jul 25 2011 2:55PM
Holding Vedanta to account

It’s summer time, so it must be reporting season in the world of business, which for us at Amnesty means time to shine the old spotlight back on Vedanta. Now those of you not in the know, we’ve been hammering on about Vedanta’s pretty...

Mar 21 2011 1:01PM
Keeping Kashmir in the spotlight

With air strikes in Libya (see the Sun and the BBC), mass demonstrations across North Africa and the Middle East (Mail and the Independent) and the natural and nuclear disasters in Japan (Telegraph and Express) dominating the news...

Feb 8 2011 12:56PM
The resuming case of Dr Sen

Tomorrow marks a key moment for Dr Binayak Sen – his trial re-starts.Now those of you who don’t know much about him, here’s a brief overview.Doctor – human rights defender – works in conflict zone in India – accused by government of...

Dec 6 2010 11:53AM
Wake up to the reality of caning

How can anyone anywhere justify torture? It just absolutely baffles me. This morning, we launched a report into caning in Malaysia with an accompanying video. Caning may be a legacy of British rule, but the UK ditched the practice...

Nov 15 2010 12:34PM
The release of Aung San Suu Kyi

I’ll be honest, I was caught up in the euphoria as Aung San Suu Kyi took her first steps of freedom in over seven years just before 11am on Saturday morning UK time.But 48 hours later and what does the pro-democracy leader of Burma’s...

Nov 8 2010 1:29PM
Are Lib Dems downplaying human rights in China?

There are some things in life you expect as a given. Night follows day, rain on Bonfire Night, and the Liberal Democrats supporting human rights.But wait a minute, what was this on the Today programme this morning, none other than...

Oct 12 2010 2:19PM
A Keane launch for Amnesty's education

Sometimes it’s good to get out of the office and visit the real world. And yesterday that meant a trip to Harris City Academy Crystal Palace in South London for the launch of Amnesty’s new education pack.The pack, entitled A Matter of...

Oct 4 2010 3:59PM
Burma... it's all over to Nick

Today it’s all been go in Brussels. The Belgian capital is playing host to the leaders of Europe and Asia for an all-important summit.And for Amnesty that means the perfect chance to push the problems in Burma back up the global agenda...

Sep 27 2010 4:45PM
Will family baton change, change North Korea?

It’s taken a while, but tomorrow could signal the start of change in the secretive state of North Korea.Tomorrow, the ruling Workers’ Party are expected to anoint Kim Jong-un as the country’s new leader. The 27-year-old will replace...

Sep 17 2010 1:22PM
Security lottery of the Afghan poll

Tomorrow is decision time for the people of Afghanistan, as the people of the war-torn country go to the polls. And to be honest the prospect of the elections going smoothly has never been more remote.We’ve already heard of harrowing...

Sep 2 2010 5:43PM
Walking in a student wonderland

It’s been all go today at the Human Rights Action Centre. The building has been swamped by over 100 student journalists from across the country.The reason? Amnesty and the National Union of Students’ two-day media summit.It’s a totally...

Aug 3 2010 1:38PM
Zardari faces wrath of Zarifi

Rarely in recent months has a visit of a dignitary to these shores caused such a stir as that of the Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari.There’s the on-going row over Cameron’s comments that Pakistan’s intelligence service “looks both...

Aug 2 2010 12:36PM
Get the hat, it's wedding season: from the Clintons to Argentina

Don the hat, pick out the nice shoes, look for a smart tie. Ah summer, and wedding season. Don’t you just love it.This weekend it was the little village of Rhinbeck off the Hudson River that took centre stage, as the former first...

Jul 26 2010 2:27PM
A sniff of justice for Cambodia

It’s been a while, well OK more like 31 years, but at last the citizens of Cambodia have a sniff of justice.This morning, Kaing Guek Eav was sentenced for 35 years for crimes against humanity and war crimes.For those of you who don’t...

Jul 12 2010 4:38PM
Sport's failing legacy

It’s often said that sport has the unique ability to unite. Well at least that’s the theory… At first glance the World Cup seems to have delivered exactly that. The media has been glowing about events in South Africa. The Independent –...

Jul 2 2010 6:15PM
New testimonies put spotlight back on Uighurs

Why can’t we get a little bit of openness from the Chinese authorities?I know it’s a bit of a Groundhog Day-type question, but it is Friday afternoon and surely I’m allowed to show a bit of frustration!Anyway, why am I asking this...

May 18 2010 1:53PM
Apologies as FT pulls our Shell ad

You go to all the hard work and then at the last moment it all goes a bit ‘Pete Tong’. Welcome to the world of Amnesty’s press office. Yesterday we were utterly convinced that our ad highlighting Shell’s behaviour in the Niger Delta...

May 17 2010 6:01PM
Shell: the battle lines are drawn

The Barbican. The big oil company. And us. The battleground: pollution and corporate responsibility. The collateral: a global brand, multi-millionaire shareholders and hard-nosed PR executives against hundreds of activists, an ad and...

May 13 2010 3:56PM
It's just not cricket in Sri Lanka

OK I’ll own up. I’m a big sports fan. And today I’ll have to admit that I’ve got half an eye on events in St Lucia.At 4.30 this afternoon England take on Sri Lanka for a place in the final of the Twenty20 World Cup. Can the England...

May 10 2010 12:29PM
Amnesty get slick with fundraising call to take on Shell

A number of oil-related stories popped up today in the media. Firstly there’s a new Greenpeace report out that warns that British motorists are unwitting users of diesel and petrol derived from the tar sands of Alberta, Canada, which...