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Burma... it's all over to Nick

Today it’s all been go in Brussels. The Belgian capital is playing host to the leaders of Europe and Asia for an all-important summit.And for Amnesty that means the perfect chance to push the problems in Burma back up the global agenda.In case you’ve not been checking on our website here’s a quick recap on the problems in Burma: there’s restriction of freedom of association, expression and assembly; torture and illegal detentions are common place, and good luck if you want to be a journalist there. It should all be a recipe for global condemnation, but a consensus has been hard to come by with the likes of India and China favouring economics over human rights.Which makes the next two days in Brussels all the more important, as countries like India and China will both be present. It’s the perfect opportunity for a bit of politicking and high-level lobbying.Over the last few months, we’ve been asking people to take part in a unique photo petition, inspired by the work of James Mackay. So far nearly 5,000 people have taken part including such dignitaries as Desmond Tutu, Christopher Eccleston, Jefferson Hack, David Milliband, and notably Nick Clegg. I mention Nick Clegg as not only was he the recipient of the photo petition over the weekend, but he is also the UK’s representative at the summit.To add a bit of weight the Observer not only wrote about it in the paper and in their leader, but also highlighted 10 of the photographs in a gallery on Sunday.Now it’s all over to Nick to see what wonders he can produce in Brussels as he mingles with the world’s great and good.

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