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The resuming case of Dr Sen

Tomorrow marks a key moment for Dr Binayak Sen – his trial re-starts.Now those of you who don’t know much about him, here’s a brief overview.Doctor – human rights defender – works in conflict zone in India – accused by government of helping militants – Amnesty believes convicted on trumped up charges – battle back in the courts tomorrow.Clear?For a longer version, Andy Buncombe produced a fantastic in-depth analysis in Monday’s Independent, and Amnesty’s very-own researcher Ramesh Gopalakrishnan has an opinion piece as the main article on the Binayak Sen website.It is really a land-mark case. If the Indian authorities really want their country to move into the 21st century and become a true global player, then the long and short of it is that cases like Dr Sen’s need to be taken seriously.The Indian government cannot continue to run roughshod over human rights. Dr Sen should be released immediately and the charges against him dropped. Any other outcome will leave India’s claim to have a fair and impartial legal system in tatters.You can take action on Dr Sen's case here.

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