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Dec 12 2018 2:02PM
Our 2018 human rights victories!

As we come to the end of 2018 and head into a new year, I want to say thank you for being a human rights champion. I’m so grateful to be facing the future with you. Together, we’ve achieved so much in the last 12 months.

Jun 7 2018 4:54PM
It’s time for politicians to vote for human rights

Human rights protections are used daily to defend people’s freedom. Now it’s time for politicians to vote for human rights.

Mar 28 2018 5:49PM
Good news! The latest on how you are making a difference

From standing up for refugee families, to celebrating Suffragette Spirit, to Teodora in El Salvador walking free, together, we are making good things happen all over the world.

Jan 25 2018 8:45AM
Attacks on NGOs will never be tolerated

The cowardly and despicable attack on a Save the Children office in Afghanistan will not stop the incredible and vital work they do for young people.

Jan 23 2018 9:00AM
The Rohingya need a sustainable solution before it’s too late

A last-minute postponement to send them back to Myanmar from Bangladesh has come as temporary relief, but the fact remains: these people need a sustainable solution.

Dec 19 2017 5:49PM
Good news: your 2017 human rights victories

You’ve marched, you’ve protested, and you’ve petitioned authorities and governments everywhere. Here’s a small number of the human rights victories we’ve had in 2017.

Oct 6 2016 3:53PM
Good news: your latest victories on human rights

You, our supporters, have proved once again the impact an individual can have by being active on human rights. It's time to take a moment to reflect on the power of your actions. Your urgent response ensured 10-year old Ghina in Syria...

Aug 16 2016 5:02PM
Why I’m trekking across Peru

The 15 th Century Incan citadel of Machu Picchu has long been on my list of ‘things to do’, but finding the time and opportunity to do so has always been tricky. So I have to say I was rather pleased when I was first approached with...

Jul 1 2016 3:01PM
Good news: How you've helped to keep hope alive

The world seems to be a darker place in the space of just a couple of weeks. With the attacks in Orlando; the loss of human rights activist and our friend Jo Cox; the rise in hate crimes towards our migrant communities and now the...

Mar 30 2016 6:02PM
How you've made a difference in 2016 so far

Together we work to investigate and expose human rights abuses, and create a safer, more just world. Here are just some of the ways you have helped make a difference in recent months: 1. Albert Woodfox freed On an incredible day in...

Nov 17 2015 3:49PM
We must not close our hearts to refugees – it won’t make us any safer

In the wake of callous acts of terror committed in Paris on Friday, now more than ever is a time to stand up for human rights and unite against the perpetrators of hate, violence and brutality wherever they are from and whomever they...

Nov 9 2015 10:28AM
The public’s message in new poll: Keep your hands off the Human Rights Act

A poll we commissioned on attitudes to human rights in the UK made for happy reading. The top line was this; there really is no appetite to repeal the Human Rights Act among the British public. The findings come ahead of the government...

Sep 30 2015 3:50PM
When Shaker Aamer is released from Guantánamo next month, it will be a strange sort of victory for his family

Over the years the campaign for justice for Shaker Aaker has seemed an almost hopeless one. Turning out with family and supporters to hand-deliver petitions to Downing Street or the US Embassy in London has been a forlorn affair...

Apr 29 2015 5:06PM
Mediterranean crisis: ‘We don’t let people drown’

I’ve just returned from meeting with shipwreck survivors, the coastguard and officials in Lampedusa – the Italian island on the frontline of the crisis in the Mediterranean Sea. It was incredibly harrowing but, as always, I was truly...

Jan 20 2015 2:42PM
Why aren't UK ministers manning the free speech barricades for Raif Badawi?

After the horror of the Charlie Hebdo attack, world leaders have queued up to condemn the atrocity and voice their support for liberty and free speech. Prime Minister David Cameron was as forthright as any, quickly calling the attack...

Sep 22 2014 3:00PM
Destroying Islamic State may push Lebanon to the brink

With momentum building over the US and its international partners carrying out airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Syria as well Iraq, almost nothing has been said about what this might mean in terms of population flows and new...

Aug 12 2014 12:44PM
The UK needs to stop selling arms to Israel and open its eyes to the suffering caused by inaction

While we can only hope that the latest fitful emergency peace talks in Cairo make progress, the fact remains that the violence in Gaza and southern Israel has been utterly terrible and has filled most onlookers with despair bordering...

Feb 21 2014 9:08AM
Cracking whips at Sochi: Russia's crackdown on free speech continues

It’s two years today since Pussy Riot climbed the steps to the altar of Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, and ‘performed’, jumping, chanting, with unplugged guitars and microphones. After a minute, they were removed from the church...