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Nov 25 2021 11:56AM
Amnesty's Ethical Gift Guide for 2021

This year, we have our biggest collection ever, of ethical gifts and everyday items at the Amnesty Shop . Vegan ? We've got you covered. Worried about the environment? check our huge range of plastic free gifts , that don't compromise...

Nov 27 2019 2:36PM
This is my protest t-shirt

Anything that carries your message is important. If you can't hold a sign, you can wear a t-shirt

Nov 25 2019 5:16PM
The ethical gift guide

Ethical gifts for the festive season, recommended by the team at Amnesty UK

Nov 7 2019 1:19PM
Leaders of Today

Exclusive and limited edition children's t-shirts, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of the Child.

Oct 1 2019 11:09AM
Return to Raqqa

Syrian journalist Marwan Hisham speaks poignantly of his return to Raqqa after a 4-year absence, as any hope for normality quickly fades in a part of the world braced for yet more conflict and catastrophe.

Sep 27 2019 10:17AM
Kashmir: A State Silenced

By Shama Naqushbandi Like countless others, I have heard no news from my loved ones in Kashmir since India emptied the region of tourists and flooded in tens of thousands of additional troops, before severing all communications with...

Jul 26 2018 4:41PM
The rise of social media censorship

Internet and social media crackdowns are rising as political regimes and cultures that do not embrace freedom of expression are becoming increasingly threatened by the power of social media to spread news and influence public opinion.

Jul 20 2018 3:32PM
Your guide to a human rights staycation

Can’t face the bother of catching a flight and would rather a weekend getaway or mini-break close to home? Why not consider one of these human rights hotspots.

Jun 26 2018 4:34PM
It's time for the UK to come clean about torture

It's time for the UK to come clean about its involvement in torture and rendition during the so-called ‘war on terror’

Jun 21 2018 6:31PM
Thierry Noir on art, fashion and human rights

As part of our collaboration with Everpress to launch 50 limited edition T-shirt designs to raise awareness of the evils of censorship, we caught up with artist and activist Thierry Noir.

May 16 2018 4:11PM
Why Palestinians risk their lives for their rights

Palestinians have been fighting for their basic rights for 70 years - ever since Israel destroyed their homes and forced them to flee. This has to change.

May 1 2018 5:18PM
No consent, no fairytale

Sex without consent is rape. So why do only nine European countries recognise this?

Apr 27 2018 2:23PM
North Korea: Is change really around the corner?

At a time when the notoriously secretive state may be open to dialogue and senior officials are willing to talk about big issues such as nuclear weapons, could there be a permanent shift for North Korea?

Apr 24 2018 10:28AM
Egyptian women need our help more than ever

Human Rights Defenders like Azza Soliman fight for equality in Egypt. However there’s a long way to go in the fight for women’s rights due to the increased criminalisation of feminists.

Mar 29 2018 9:49AM
Must-watch documentaries for the long weekend

From Swedish rappers to the refugee crisis – here are some films to keep you entertained and informed this Easter.

Feb 22 2018 4:30PM
Fairtrade Fortnight

Written by Georgie White, Amnesty's online retail manager. Fairtrade Fortnight started over 20 years ago in the UK, with the aim of raising awareness of the rights of farmers and producers around the world. It was highly successful and...

Feb 13 2018 11:03AM
I Am Fighting To Stop Finland Sterilising Trans People

By Sakris Kupila . This blog first appeared on The Huffington Post . Imagine if you had to be diagnosed with a ‘mental disorder’ and go through forced sterilisation before the country you lived in would legally recognise you as the...

Jan 25 2018 8:45AM
Attacks on NGOs will never be tolerated

The cowardly and despicable attack on a Save the Children office in Afghanistan will not stop the incredible and vital work they do for young people.

Jan 8 2018 9:49AM
Raif Badawi: Five years a prisoner

We will continue to campaign until Raif Badawi and all prisoners of conscience in Saudi Arabia are released.

Dec 20 2017 4:09PM
10 inspiring Instagrammers to follow in 2018

These individuals or groups are challenging the system in their own unique way, and aspiring to change the world for the better.