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Jul 29 2014 3:33PM
His child died while he was in prison

Ángel Amílcar Colón Quevedo's eight-year-old son was dying of cancer. Ángel is a black Honduran, a member of the downtrodden Garifuna community. In desperate hope of earning money for a cure for his child, Ángel tried to get to the...

Nov 14 2013 5:19PM
The Men Vanish, the Women Insist on Finding Them

For the Rangel family, 10 November will always be a day of sorrow. On that day four years ago, Héctor Rangel Ortiz phoned his family from a hotel in Monclova, Coahuila, to say that the municipal police had stopped him and his two...

Aug 29 2013 4:13PM
More action is needed for Mexico's disappeared

'Disappeared'. It was in Latin America that this word first took on its new and cruel meaning. The "disappeared" have not vanished into thin air: many have been killed. Others will almost certainly never see their family again, held by...

Apr 17 2013 12:03PM
Military and police heavily involved in enforced disappearances

Mexico like many countries is plagued by corruption, discrimination against indigenous people and huge income inequality. After all the richest person in the world, Carlos Slim, is Mexican. But Mexico has something else--the drug war...

Mar 20 2013 5:10PM
Victims of torture ignored in Mexico: One woman fights back

In 2011 police in Mexico arrested Miriam López, a 30-year-old housewife and mother of four, in her hometown near the United States border. In a barracks, soldiers raped her three times, gave her electric shocks and near-asphyxiation...