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May 13 2015 6:13PM
A most serious threat to our human rights

So we’re really here. After years of misrepresentation , demonisation and untruths , has the Human Rights Act had its day? Will the government turn its back on the sense of fairness we’ve aspired to since Magna Carta to say that some...

Feb 13 2015 5:34PM
'Awaiting my execution': Stop Saman's execution

Update, 10 March: After thousands of you around the world took action in February, it's now clear Saman's scheduled execution never took place on 19 February. For several days after Saman's scheduled execution date, no information came...

Dec 24 2014 10:46AM
2014: A botched year for the death penalty

What’s the biggest reason you have for not supporting the death penalty? The straight morality of using killing to show killing is wrong? The issues around innocence and the finality of the death penalty? Cost? Its misuse? The torture...

Nov 21 2014 7:48AM
Send a Twitter postcard for Mohammed al-Roken's freedom

Lawyer Mohammed al-Roken is well-known in human rights circles in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – if you’ve been at the receiving end of the government repression that rears its head in the Emirates, you’ll want him defending you...

Nov 4 2014 11:39AM
Eight inspiring human rights accounts on Instagram

Instagram might still have a bit of a reputation for being full of vintage photos of cupcakes , but with more than 200 million active users around the world, it's a window into every aspect of our lives - if you know where to look. If...

Sep 22 2014 5:48PM
Less than 10 days to demand justice for Moses

Update, 30 Sep: It's our last day to influence the Governor, and we know his team are feeling the pressure - they're deleting your messages from his Facebook page so that the wider Nigerian community can't see details of Moses' case...

Mar 13 2014 1:06PM
Why we've all got to stand #WithSyria

This evening, I'll be standing in Traflgar Square along with thousands of others to mark an anniversary we all hoped wouldn't exist. On Saturday, it will be three years since the start of peaceful protests in Syria. Protests which were...

Jan 24 2014 5:01PM
How you're influencing MPs on the Syria refugee crisis

Just last night, we launched an urgent action to UK MPs, asking them to vote to allow the resettlement of Syrian refugees. In less than 24 hours you've sent over 5,000 emails, and almost every MP in the country has been contacted at...

Jan 16 2014 12:32PM
Uganda's anti-gay laws: we need your help to spread the word

If you’re gay and live in Africa, this hasn’t been a good couple of weeks . Both Nigeria and Uganda, instead of setting an example with their laws (such as South Africa in the 90s), are going backwards towards state-sanctioned...

Dec 10 2013 11:29AM
Seven years jail for a Facebook post: Tunisia's not-so-social media

Last week, UK Attorney General Dominic Grieve announced he would be publishing guidance on social media use to help people stay on the right side of the law. Let’s hope he doesn’t look to Tunisia for inspiration when determining social...

Dec 3 2013 12:38PM
Central African Republic is on the brink. Call for UN Peacekeepers

The Central African Republic is on the brink of a human catastrophe. Since the Seleka coalition of armed groups ousted President François Bozizé and took power in March, violence in the country has spiralled out of control. Join our...

Nov 8 2013 3:33PM
Sri Lanka's human rights: you asked the Foreign Office. Did they answer?

[ View the story "Sri Lanka: you asked the FCO. Did they answer?" on Storify ]

Nov 6 2013 1:10PM
'Your campaigning connected me to the real world'

Birtukan Mideksa is a Harvard fellow, studying for an MA in Public Administration. She’s also been a politician in Ethiopia, leading her home country’s main opposition party Unity for Democracy and Justice. And because of her political...

Oct 15 2013 11:04AM
The Guantanamo hunger strikers' ordeal in their words

The folks over at the The Guardian have taken testimony from five Guantanamo detainees who have been cleared for transfer but are still held within the confines of the detention camp to create this incredibly powerful animation, voiced...

Oct 12 2013 2:31PM
One global conversation on human rights - Blog Action Day

What does 'human rights' mean to you? What inspires you to take an action, or send a tweet or email about our work - or the work of Reprieve, Human Rights Watch, PEN or the many other human rights organisations? On Wednesday, thousands...

Oct 7 2013 7:21PM
How to evict them in five easy steps

Warning - this video should make you furious. Across the world, right now, people are being forced out of their homes without warning or consultation. Most of them are very poor. Few will get the chance to challenge their eviction, or...

Sep 12 2013 2:00PM
What freedom means to you - your photos

To mark 60 years of the European Convention of Human Rights and the launch of our new 'Know Your Rights' illustrated booklet , we asked you to send us photos of the freedoms you value the most. Storify by Amnesty UK Wed, Sep 11 2013 05...

Aug 21 2013 6:47PM
The David Miranda and Guardian rows: What to read

Storify by Amnesty UK Wed, Aug 21 2013 10:44:46 0 0 The David Miranda & Guardian rows: what to read Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on Linkedin Share by email As the David Miranda row continues, a lot has been...

Aug 7 2013 3:38PM
A snapshot of Aleppo's devastation

"Yousef (7), Mohammed (5), Ali (2), Hamza (12), Zahra (10), Husna (8), Fatima (10), Ahmad (7), Abdel Karim (2), Hassan (18 months)… Why did they bomb here? … There were only civilians here. Our quarter was full of life, children...

Jul 30 2013 4:30PM
Zimbabwe elections: Amnesty directors in Africa speak out

When Zimbabwe’s elections were last held in 2008, the resulting violence and repression led to over 200 people being killed and 10,000 injured. The violence was so severe that hospitals ran out of crutches and 28,000 people were forced...