End the Death Penalty | Amnesty International UK
Oct 9 2018 1:53PM
Death penalty cruelty - a stain on governments
Prisoners under sentence of death around the world are often subjected to the cruellest conditions of detention. In many cases, they are kept in strict isolation, lack access to necessary medications and live with the constant anxiety...
Aug 31 2018 12:20PM
Florida: the sunshine state or the death row state?
Florida's diehard pursuit of the death penalty casts a black shadow over the sunshine state.
Aug 1 2017 5:55PM
Urgent: Stop the executions about to happen in the Maldives
After more than 60 years, the Maldives are set to resume use of the death penalty by executing three men in the next few days. The Maldives' Minister of Home Affairs has announced that his country are planning to carry out their first...
Oct 10 2016 4:00PM
Art from death row - by artists facing execution in the US
By Maroshini Krishna Morgan, Assistant Director of Amicus Piled high in the cupboards of Amicus' tiny London office are over 30 incredible pieces of art. Sent to us from death rows across the US, included amongst them are arresting por...
Feb 15 2016 3:20PM
'My heart is exhausted': A mother’s story of death row in Saudi Arabia
By Ali al-Nimr's mother, Nassra al-Ahmed When I first heard the verdict to execute my little boy, I felt as if a thunderbolt was hitting my head. It rendered me bereaved and rid of the most cherished and beautiful things I have. His ab...
Dec 4 2015 5:00PM
The long road to death penalty abolition in Mongolia
Mongolia's lawmakers today voted in a new Criminal Code that abolishes the death penalty for all crimes. It will take effect from September 2016. Amarzaya Galsanlkhagva is a long-time campaigner with Amnesty Mongolia. This is her accou...
Jun 22 2015 4:29PM
Nebraska just abolished the death penalty
By Christy Hargesheimer, Nebraska resident and Nebraska State Death Penalty Action Coordinator for Amnesty International USA Wow, who would have thought it possible? Red-state Nebraska (with a few purple splotches) actually has repeale...
Apr 28 2015 3:42PM
People can change – if you let them live
Update: Indonesia executed eight of the nine prisoners . Mary Jane Veloso was given a last-minute stay of execution. We will continue to work on her case. On the back of Myuran Sukumaran’s portrait of Indonesian President Widodo the ar...
Mar 9 2015 6:14PM
'I felt the shadow of execution over my head': A letter from Iran's death row
"It is all finished," the guard said. On the other side of the thick brick wall of Iran's Raja'i Shahr prison, the bodies of six Sunni men from Iran’s Kurdish minority were hanging from nooses. Hamed Ahmadi, Jahangir Dehghani, Jamshid...
Dec 24 2014 10:46AM
2014: A botched year for the death penalty
What’s the biggest reason you have for not supporting the death penalty? The straight morality of using killing to show killing is wrong? The issues around innocence and the finality of the death penalty? Cost? Its misuse? The torture...
Dec 5 2014 5:48PM
Why the Scott Panetti case strikes at the heart of the death penalty debate
On Wednesday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals stayed the execution of Scott Panetti to “fully consider the late arriving and complex legal questions at issue” . Panetti has a long history of acute mental health problems, having been...
Nov 26 2014 12:18PM
Is 'the Penalty' worth the price? Lifting the lid on the death penalty
Last year, I set out across America with a small team of filmmakers to find out what it was like to be innocent and on death row. 148 people have been released from death rows throughout America – that’s one person for every ten the US...
Mar 12 2014 7:28PM
Louisana's injustice: Lessons the USA must learn from Glenn Ford
Late yesterday, Glenn Ford - now 64 years old - walked out of the Louisiana’s infamous Angola prison after spending nearly three decades behind bars for a crime he’s always claimed he never committed. He was sentenced to death in 1984...
Oct 31 2013 5:39PM
Four states that are trying - and failing - to find a more humane way to kill
US support for the death penalty is at its lowest in 40 years in Gallop’s annual poll. At 60%, it’s dipped lower than the poll taken a month after Georgia's execution of Troy Davis in 2011. And its not surprising, with Maryland joining...
Jul 16 2013 1:40PM
Warren Hill Gets A Stay Of Execution
Warren Hill – an African American man with an IQ of 70 who was convicted of murder in 1991 – was set to be executed at 7 p.m. tonight. He has been found intellectually disabled by all the doctors and experts who have examined him. The...
Jul 12 2013 2:57PM
Georgia is determined to execute an intellectually disabled man
Late afternoon on July 3 when the least possible number of people would be paying attention, using a new law that makes the acquisition of execution drugs a state secret , Georgia scheduled the execution of Warren Hill, who is now set...
Jul 3 2013 2:49PM
For some in Belarus, Independence Day might be their last
As Belarus marks Independence Day today, three men have been left wondering if it will be their last. Belarus is the only European country that continues to use the death penalty. In 2012 the Belarusian government executed at least thr...
May 15 2013 9:42AM
Innocent on Death Row
“They’re playing Russian Roulette with our lives. Our lives have no value.” John Thompson, exonerated after 14 years on death row Whenever I talk to someone about the death penalty, and my belief that it has no place in society, I’ll c...
May 7 2013 5:38PM
Mississippi: execution imminent despite a refusal to DNA test
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Apr 19 2013 6:22PM
Who wants to be a death row record breaker?
Okay, confession time - I’m a Guinness World Record holder. I was part of the world’s largest coconut orchestra in Trafalgar Square in 2007, and along with 5,566 other people, clip-clopped my way into the record books with a rendition...