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Urgent: Stop the executions about to happen in the Maldives

Stop the executions set for tomorrow in the Maldives
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After more than 60 years, the Maldives are set to resume use of the death penalty by executing three men in the next few days.

The Maldives' Minister of Home Affairs has announced that his country are planning to carry out their first executions in more than six decades, as the government seeks to divert attention from a worsening political crisis.

While the names of the prisoners due to be executed have not been disclosed, we’re seriously concerned that the men, who have exhausted all domestic legal avenues, are now at serious risk. Following recent legislative changes in the Maldives, they haven’t been able to apply for pardon or commutation of their death sentences. 

Things are not looking good, and these men desperately need our help. Please get involved by tweeting one or more of the following posts at the authorities to urge them to not go ahead with these executions:

.@Presidencymv Don't resume executions in #Maldives after over 60 years. Establish an official moratorium & stop the #deathpenalty for good

.@Presidencymv Countries around the world are abolishing #deathpenalty, not reinstating it. #StopMaldivesExecutions

.@ASIM_MDV @MDVForeign Resuming executions is a step back for #Maldives. End the #deathpenalty now

.@AzleenAhmed @homeministrymv There is no evidence #DeathPenalty deters crimes. #StopMaldivesExecutions now

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