Death Penalty (917)
Feb 17 2024 9:04pm
Saudi Arabia Sub Group
Formed in 2022, our Saudi Arabia Sub Group has the main purpose of con...
Feb 9 2024 5:32pm
Yemen: Huthi authorities sentence seven to stoning and two to crucifixion for homosexual 'crimes'
Separately, 13 students sentenced to death for ‘spreading homosexualit...
Jan 26 2024 4:10pm
USA: Alabama's 'cruel' execution of Kenneth Smith condemned
‘Accounts of Kenneth Smith’s last moments simply show that there is no...
Jan 23 2024 6:39pm
USA: 'cruel' nitrogen gas execution in Alabama must be stopped
Kenneth Smith set to face the untested execution method despite UN war...
Nov 27 2023 2:31pm
Urgent Action Outcome: Clemency Rejected, Texas Execution Proceeds
Brent Brewer was executed in Texas on 9 November 2023. His 1991 death ...
Oct 26 2023 5:50pm
Demand justice for Rocky Myers
Oct 25 2023 4:23pm
Saudi Arabia: Two young men at imminent risk of execution after Supreme Court decision issued in secret
Abdullah al-Derazi and Jalal Labbad sentenced to death for protesting ...
Oct 17 2023 3:17pm
Urgent Action Outcome: Florida Carries Out Sixth Execution Of 2023
Michael Zack was executed in Florida on 3 October 2023 for a murder co...
Oct 11 2023 2:39pm
2023 World Day Against the Death Penalty
End unlawful and discriminatory death penalty for drug related offence...
Sep 13 2023 12:01am
Iran: year of 'unspeakable cruelty' from authorities after Mahsa Amini's death
Tens of thousands arrested, hundreds unlawfully killed, and torture in...