Death Penalty (893)
May 29 2020 10:35am
Urgent Action outcome: Man with claims of innocence executed in Missouri
Walter Barton was executed on 19 May 2020. He was on death row in Miss...
    May 20 2020 11:32am
    Singapore: Man sentenced to death via Zoom in 'cruel and inhumane' move by authorities
    Supreme Court handed 37-year-old Malaysian national Punithan Genasan a...
      May 19 2020 2:03pm
      USA: 'cruel' execution in Missouri set to go ahead despite innocence claims
      ‘Compelling’ evidence over bloodstains never heard at five different t...
        Mar 23 2020 4:53pm
        Yemen: Huthi-run court upholds death sentence against Baha'i man
        Hamid Haydara, prisoner of conscience of Baha’i faith, originally arre...
          Mar 16 2020 10:02am
          Belarus must not execute Viktar Serhil
          Viktar Serhil is at imminent risk of execution in Belarus after his co...
            Mar 10 2020 2:36pm
            Run for Magai resources
              Mar 2 2020 4:56pm
              Egypt: 37 death sentences imposed after deeply unfair terrorism trial
              Many defendants say they were tortured, including with electric shocks...
                Feb 24 2020 8:16pm
                Egypt: Eight men executed following military trial
                Amnesty International has received confirmation that the Egyptian auth...
                  Feb 5 2020 11:59pm
                  Saudi Arabia: counter-terrorism court used to crush peaceful opposition - new report
                  Shia minority and human rights activists targeted by the Specialised C...
                    Feb 4 2020 10:22am
                    India: Four men at risk of imminent execution
                    Mukesh Singh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Kumar Sharma and Akshay Thakur are at...