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The David Miranda and Guardian rows: What to read

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Amnesty UKWed, Aug 21 2013 10:44:4600

The David Miranda & Guardian rows: what to read

  1. As the David Miranda row continues, a lot has been written about the potential legality of both his questioning at Heathrow, and the subsequent story that the Guardian was told to destroy or hand over it's Snowden files to the UK government without a court order - both disturbing events that we're quite clear this was illegal.

  2. Were UK anti-terror officers right to detain the partner of Guardian blogger Glenn Greenwald?Receive daily updates with our mid-morning newsletterCityam

  3. But what is 'Section 7'? What does it mean to be held for up to nine hours without access to a lawyer? What could the UK Government's treatment of the Guardian mean for the press? Rather than us re-hash some much better writing to answer those questions, here's some of the reporting and blogging out there to help you make up your own mind.

  4. David Miranda held & Section 7

  5. David Miranda, the partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, was held for just under 9 hours at Heathrow by anti-terror police before they allowed him to continue on his way.

  6. Terror laws: What is schedule 7?The partner of a Guardian journalist who published documents leaked by US whistleblower Edward Snowden has been held by UK police under s...Bbc

  7. Both Adam Wagner, at the UK Human Rights blog, and David Allen Green (Jack of Kent) have taken very detailed looks at whether Miranda's detention was legal or moral, and what that could mean in the future

  8. DavidAllenGreenDavid Allen Green@DavidAllenGreenIf Miranda was held for a purpose other than to determine if he was a terrorist, then it was unlawful, by me:…Tue, Aug 20 2013 01:04:20ReplyRetweetFavorite

  9. AdamWagner1Adam Wagner@AdamWagner1Important to remember Govt has power to cloak #Miranda judicial review in secrecy under a Closed Material Procedure..…Wed, Aug 21 2013 01:49:36ReplyRetweetFavorite

  10. AdamWagner1Adam Wagner@AdamWagner1… so it may be that journalists are prevented from observing the most reported case of the year, about a journalist…Wed, Aug 21 2013 01:50:45ReplyRetweetFavorite

  11. UK Human Rights BlogOur attitude to anti-terror policing is very strange indeed. In many ways, it is like a magician's trick. We (the public) turn up at the ...Adam Wagner

  12. The Guardian's destroying of the Snowden files

  13. Following David Miranda's detention at Heathrow, it emerged that The Guardian's editor Alan Rusbridger had been pressured to destroy or hand over all copies it had of Edward Snowdens files, without the authority of a court order - shadowy, behind-the-scenes threats that would sit happily in a clichéd cold war spy thriller.

  14. UK must account for its actions to repress Guardian reporting on surveillance© Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images The pressure to destroy documents placed on the Guardian newspaper by the UK authorities represents a thr...Amnesty

  15. Rusbridger has gone on record on why he chose to destroy the data, rather than fight the request in the courts.

  16. Alan Rusbridger: I would rather destroy the copied files than hand them back to the NSA and GCHQtheguardian·Wed, Aug 21 2013 02:19:17

  17. NSA files: why the Guardian in London destroyed hard drives of leaked filesGuardian editors on Tuesday revealed why and how the newspaper destroyed computer hard drives containing copies of some of the NSA and GC...Julian Borger

  18. So the innocent have nothing to fear? After David Miranda we now know where this leadsYou've had your fun: now we want the stuff back. With these words the British government embarked on the most bizarre act of state censor...Simon Jenkins

  19. Nick Clegg Sanctioned Mission To Destroy Guardian DataNick Clegg has confirmed reports that top civil servant Sir Jeremy Heywood was sent to warn The Guardian to destroy classified data it ha...Huffingtonpost

  20. Whatever this is, it is clear it's unacceptable. The UK government has not only threatened free speech it has also threatened the right to information and the protection of the independence of the media in this country. The government must account for its actions

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