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Censorship and Freedom of Expression (1466)
May 24 2024 4:36pm
Urgent Action Outcome: Four Women Protestors Released
Women human rights defenders and protestors Zholia Parsi, Neda Parwani...
May 16 2024 8:35pm
Northern Ireland: Publication of police surveillance report ‘wholly insufficient’ to restore public confidence
Responding to a statement by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (P...
May 16 2024 6:37pm
Thailand: State-backed digital abuse used to silence women and LGBTI activists - new report
Evidence points to Thai government’s involvement in use of highly-inva...
May 14 2024 5:24pm
Georgia: adoption of repressive 'foreign influence' bill condemned
Civil society organisations with sizable foreign budgets will be requi...
May 13 2024 12:10am
UK: Chinese and Hong Kong students in UK live in fear from long-arm of Chinese government
Chinese students in UK, other parts of Europe and North America face i...
May 4 2024 1:43pm
Northern Ireland: ‘Sinister’ threat against Belfast Telegraph journalist condemned
Newspaper reveals threat is sixth against its journalists in past six ...
Apr 25 2024 12:07pm
USA: universities must stop preventing Gaza protests
Protests in support of Palestinian rights in and around college campus...
Apr 18 2024 9:50pm
World Amateur Radio Day
Vladimir Rumyantsev jailed for 3 years for using a ham radio he built ...
Mar 8 2024 12:30pm
Hong Kong: Article 23 legislation takes repression to the ‘next level’
Activists could be prosecuted for interacting with foreign organisatio...
Mar 8 2024 10:03am
Open Letter: UK Government must stop crackdown on freedom of expression
8 March 2024  To the Prime Minister,  RE: Government proposa...