Mass surveillance (41)
Jul 25 2019 4:19pm
Why ‘The Great Hack’ is just the tip of the iceberg
Edited blog based on Joe Westby’s original article (AI and Big Dat...
Jul 8 2019 11:17am
UK's surveillance powers to be considered by Europe's highest human rights court
European Court of Human Rights’ Grand Chamber to consider UK’s bulk su...
    Sep 13 2018 11:11am
    Campaigners win vital battle against UK mass surveillance at European Court of Human Rights
    The European Court of Human Rights has today ruled that UK laws enabli...
      Apr 10 2018 5:57pm
      Technology and human rights
        Apr 10 2018 5:10pm
        Protect your data, protect your human rights: Amnesty’s three-step guide
        Today Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify before the US Senate...
          Nov 7 2017 7:00am
          The UK government has been spying on Amnesty – so we're going to court
          By Rachel Logan (Law & Human Rights Programme Director) and Joshua Fra...
          Nov 6 2017 11:14am
          Landmark UK surveillance case to be heard in Strasbourg tomorrow
          The European Court of Human Rights will hear a landmark case on survei...
            Jul 31 2017 4:37pm
            Russia: VPN ban is a major blow to internet freedom
            ‘To understand how the ban will work, it is enough to look at China’ -...
              Mar 30 2017 5:34pm
              UK Government targeting WhatsApp is another security red herring
              Written by Joe Westby, Amnesty Researcher on Technology and Human Righ...
              Jan 6 2017 6:25pm
              Why Edward Snowden should be pardoned
              He stood up for our rights, starting a global debate on mass surveilla...