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Mass surveillance (66)
Feb 18 2022 6:18pm
Bahrain: devices of three activists hacked by notorious Pegasus spyware - new investigation
Lawyer, journalist and mental health counsellor targeted after publicl...
Feb 15 2022 9:14am
New York City, USA: facial recognition cameras reinforcing racist policing - new research
Neighbourhoods in Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens subject to greater CCTV s...
Jan 18 2022 12:42pm
Israel: reports of police using NSO spyware against citizens must be investigated
Protest leaders, former government employees and Benjamin Netanyahu al...
Jan 7 2022 1:46pm
Poland: Pegasus spyware used to hack Polish senator - 'shocking but not surprising'
Powerful spyware from the Israeli surveillance company NSO Group was u...
Nov 3 2021 6:19pm
USA: blacklisting of NSO Group recognises spyware abuses
Israeli firm one of four foreign companies added to Department of Comm...
Sep 27 2021 6:43pm
UK: NSO Group prevented from promoting notorious spyware at London expo
After urgent letter to Olympia security fair organisers, NSO will not ...
Sep 13 2021 6:47pm
Facebook's reported use of 'white-list' for high-profile users must trigger regulation
Internal documents obtained by Wall Street Journal reportedly show tha...
Jul 21 2021 6:38pm
Pegasus Project: UAE's Princess Latifa and Princess Haya were potential targets
Abducted Emirati princess and wife of authoritarian Emir of Dubai were...
Jul 20 2021 8:13pm
Pegasus Project: Macron among world leaders selected as potential targets of NSO spyware
South African’s Cryil Ramaphosa and Pakistan’s Imran Khan also among 1...
Jul 19 2021 5:33pm
Morocco: journalist Omar Radi sentenced to six years after unfair trial
Call for leading investigative journalist to be granted re-trial Ra...