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United States (467)
Jun 11 2024 11:54am
USA: Social media companies' removal of abortion-related content may hinder access to abortion care - New Research
Since overturning of Roe v Wade, social media companies including Inst...
May 3 2024 5:54pm
USA: university administrations condemned over heavy-handed Gaza protests response
‘As could easily be foreseen, the decisions at some universities to ca...
May 2 2024 4:25pm
UK: peaceful student protests on Gaza must be respected
Commenting on the emergence of growing numbers of pro-Palestine solida...
Apr 30 2024 12:36pm
USA: Israel has used US-made arms in Gaza in violation of international law - new report
Amnesty submission to US government’s own accountability process highl...
Apr 25 2024 12:07pm
USA: universities must stop preventing Gaza protests
Protests in support of Palestinian rights in and around college campus...
Apr 17 2024 10:00am
Syria: tens of thousands marooned in detention camps and facilities where death, torture and disease are rife
New report shows how UK and USA are complicit in systematic cruelty an...
Mar 15 2024 11:34am
Ireland/USA: campaigners call on Biden to 'listen to his Irish roots' over Gaza ceasefire
Joint Amnesty initiative coincides with Leo Varadkar, Michelle O’Neill...
Jan 26 2024 4:10pm
USA: Alabama's 'cruel' execution of Kenneth Smith condemned
‘Accounts of Kenneth Smith’s last moments simply show that there is no...
Jan 23 2024 6:39pm
USA: 'cruel' nitrogen gas execution in Alabama must be stopped
Kenneth Smith set to face the untested execution method despite UN war...
Dec 7 2023 5:30pm
Israel/OPT: UN Security Council must not block Gaza ceasefire resolution
Appeal to UK, USA and other Security Council members to back ceasefire...