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Jan 26 2024 4:10pm
USA: Alabama's 'cruel' execution of Kenneth Smith condemned
‘Accounts of Kenneth Smith’s last moments simply show that there is no...
Jan 23 2024 6:39pm
USA: 'cruel' nitrogen gas execution in Alabama must be stopped
Kenneth Smith set to face the untested execution method despite UN war...
Dec 7 2023 5:30pm
Israel/OPT: UN Security Council must not block Gaza ceasefire resolution
Appeal to UK, USA and other Security Council members to back ceasefire...
Nov 27 2023 2:31pm
Urgent Action Outcome: Clemency Rejected, Texas Execution Proceeds
Brent Brewer was executed in Texas on 9 November 2023. His 1991 death ...
Nov 8 2023 12:08pm
USA: 'Victory' for abortion rights in Ohio must lead to meaningful access
In response to Ohio becoming the latest state in the USA to enshrine a...
Oct 26 2023 5:50pm
Demand justice for Rocky Myers
Oct 17 2023 3:17pm
Urgent Action Outcome: Florida Carries Out Sixth Execution Of 2023
Michael Zack was executed in Florida on 3 October 2023 for a murder co...
Oct 10 2023 2:56pm
Saudi Arabia: migrant workers in Amazon warehouses suffered 'traumatising' abuses - new report
Workers from Nepal were cheated out of proper wages, housed in bed bug...
Oct 9 2023 12:11pm
'Predator' spyware brazenly targeting journalists, politicians, civil society and academics - Major New Investigation
Amnesty has uncovered a highly-invasive spyware being used to gain acc...
Jul 7 2023 5:58pm
USA: Government must cancel plans to send cluster munitions to Ukraine
US government is reportedly set to announce plans to send the controve...