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USA: Mass shooting at Fedex facility is 'crippling' - Congress must take action

‘Gun violence remains one of the most pervasive human rights violations facing our country today’ – Ernest Coverson In response to the Indianapolis mass shooting at a FedEx facility which is reported to have resulted in the death of at least eight people, Ernest Coverson, End Gun Violence Manager at Amnesty International USA, said: “We are devastated to learn that another crippling mass shooting has taken place. These acts of violence should not be part of our everyday lives and routines. “These past few weeks have been mentally exhausting, with shootings that have risen to the national

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USA: Daunte Wright's death yet again shows urgent need to address policing failures

Placard from demonstration saying 'No justice No Peace, Black Lives Matter'
Amnesty has been calling for police accountability for the use of deadly force © Amnesty International / Jarek Godlewski

‘Surviving an interaction with law enforcement shouldn’t depend on where you live or the colour of your skin’ - Kristina Roth Responding to the April 11 fatal shooting of Daunte Wright by a police officer in Minnesota, Kristina Roth, Senior Advocate for Criminal Justice Programs at Amnesty International USA, said: “The Amnesty movement is saddened that yet another Black father, son and partner was taken from his family as a result of the actions of police. “Daunte Wright was reportedly pulled over on the pretextual grounds of having expired registration and having an air freshener dangling

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USA: Biden's actions on gun violence 'will save many lives'

Guns on display in a Walmart store in Louisiana in 2019 © Amnesty International

New measures on ‘ghost guns’ and community intervention among those being introduced Rampant gun violence has recently seen slaying of women of Asian descent and shoppers murdered in Colorado ‘These actions will save many lives’ - Ernest Coverson Responding to US president Joe Biden’s announcement of a new package of measures designed to curb rampant gun violence in the country, Bob Goodfellow, Acting Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, said: “Today’s actions from President Biden represent a resounding victory for communities, front-line organisations, gun violence survivors and

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Journalist found innocent by jury

Andrea Sahouri © Andrea Sahouri
days left to take action

Urgent Action Outcome: Journalist found innocent by jury

Andrea Sahouri was found innocent by the jury of her trial that ended on 10th March 2021.

1st update on UA 14/21

USA: Google, Facebook and Twitter 'have failed' over disinformation and hate speech

Scrutiny from US Congress today comes after tech giants widely accused of failing to take action to stop misinformation and white supremacist hate speech Facebook accused of allowing groups linked to QAnon, boogaloo and militias to glorify violence ‘Congress must not fall for Big Tech’s false promises’ - Joe Westby Ahead of the chief executives of Google, Facebook and Twitter testifying before the US Congress today in relation to long-running accusations that their businesses have failed to take action against the propagation of online misinformation and hate speech, Joe Westby, Acting Deputy

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Facebook's reported plans on Instagram for under-13s pose human rights threat

Facebook is already the world’s dominant social media company © 2021 SOPA Images

Advertising companies already gather huge amounts of data on young children ‘Facebook poses one of the biggest threats when it comes to children's privacy’ - Rasha Abdul-Rahim In response to reports that Facebook is building a version of Instagram for children under 13, Rasha Abdul-Rahim, Co-Director of Amnesty Tech, said: “Social media companies have a responsibility to protect children and young people online, but building a separate version of their platforms is not the answer. “Facebook poses one of the biggest threats when it comes to children’s privacy. “Facebook’s very business model is

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Four of five families freed from detention

Detention centre
days left to take action

Urgent Action Outcome: Four of five families freed from detention

Four of five families freed from detention.

5th update on UA 116/20


Pastor Steven Tendo released from detention

days left to take action
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