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The Guantanamo hunger strikers' ordeal in their words

The folks over at the The Guardian have taken testimony from five Guantanamo detainees who have been cleared for transfer but are still held within the confines of the detention camp to create this incredibly powerful animation, voiced by David Morrissey and Peter Capaldi. Be warned, you will find it distressing.

They are just five of the 84 apparently cleared to be moved from Guantanamo. These men have never been charged with a crime. They've never received a trial. And let's say it again - they've been cleared for transfer out of Guantanamo but are still within its walls.

Some of the testimony used is from British resident Shaker Aamer, who's been detained for 11 years now without charge, despite being cleared for transfer, and despite David Cameron personally asking Obama to return him to the UK.

It beggars belief that he's still there - but then it beggars belief that, despite continued pledges by President Obama, Guantanamo is open at all.

Amnesty USA are petitioning President Obama and Congress to close Guantanamo - add your name to it.

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