• Sep 3 2016
  • 10:05am
What Is “Pubic Interest”? 什么是公众利益?
The article was originally published in Huffington Post on 3 September 2016. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/shao-jiang/theresa-may-is-heading-of_b_11834004.html?utm_hp_ref=uk In...
  • Aug 19 2016
  • 6:59am
Can the skirted information by the UK government serve “public interest” and protect “national security’?
on 15 January 2016, I sent freedom of information requests on City of London Police, Metropolitan Police and Home Office, regarding the polcing policy during Xi Jinping's UK vi...
  • May 23 2016
  • 12:58pm
Remembrance and Resistance – 27th Anniversary of Tiananmen
Saturday 4 June: Candlelit vigil A candlelit vigil to remember all those who died, were injured and imprisoned when Chinese armed forces stormed Tiananmen...
  • Dec 11 2015
  • 7:58am
Summary of IPCC Complaint re My Arrest during Xi Jinping's UK Visit
I was arrested on 21 October 2015 outside Mansion House when protesting peacefully during the visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping. I stood still holding aloft ...
  • Dec 10 2015
  • 12:37pm
China: You have Conspiracy, We Have Solidarity
[10 December 2015] Press Release issued by Tibetan Uyghur & Chinese Solidarity UK on the occasion of International Human Rights Day. (Tibet Society is a founding member of Tibe...
  • Oct 19 2015
  • 4:47pm
Two Versions of China: Repression and Resistance
There are two opposing versions of China. Version one has been ruled by one party for 66 years now. They call themselves CCP, although no-one can tell whether the middle “C&r...
  • Oct 18 2015
  • 10:09pm
Please raise the following questions in meeting during Xi Jinping’s UK visit
1.    How have you (Xi Jinping) occupied the top position in China?   The Chinese Communist Party has used violence to seize political power and hold monopoly...
  • Oct 4 2015
  • 9:18am
Stand Up for International Principles and Call on China to End Its Human Rights Violations
Dear Members of Parliament, In October 2015, the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, will make an official State Visit to B...
  • Jul 23 2015
  • 8:30pm
IOC: Don’t reward China’s worsening oppression with another Olympic Games 国际奥委会:不要再次以奥运会奖励中国愈演愈烈的镇压
English version first and then Chinese   When Beijing was awarded the 2008 Summer Olympics, International Olympic Committee members claimed that the Games would help to impr...
  • Jul 12 2015
  • 4:31pm
Hold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a Universal Standard of Protecting Human Rights
To: EU Parliament, UK government, USA government, International Olympic Committee Over a hundred lawyers and activists in China have been detained, disappeared or questioned from ...
Tiananmen Demonstrations in Beijing 1989

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Shao Jiang, a former prisoner of conscience for his active role in the 1989 pro-democracy movement, is a committed activist-scholar, who lives and works in exile in London. The academic interests focus on politics and media, social movement, democratisation, feminism, law in PRC and Hong Kong, autonomy & sovereignty & self-determination, international Human Rights mechanisms, comparative studies on development models and political institutions, theory and practice of Civil Society. Publications include Citizen Publications in China before the Internet (Palgrave, 2015).