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Why must we boycott the Beijing 2022 Olympics? 為什麼我們必須抵制北京冬季奧運會?

Since Beijing first began bidding to host the Olympics, I have argued that the international community should reject Beijing's hosting of the Games because of the lack of change in the Chinese Communist dictatorship since the Tiananmen massacre and the continued deterioration of human rights in P R China.  The peaceful protests across Tibet in March 2008 were brutally cracked down five months before the opening of the Beijing Olympics. But many leaders, business and media tycoons, and academic influential in democratic countries were not willing to take action to boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics. They argued that the Games would bring positive change to China.

Fourteen years on, the assumption that positive change would happen in China through the Olympics has proved to be totally wrong. The 2008 Beijing Olympics have only encouraged the Chinese dictatorship even more atrociously to repress human rights defenders, democracy movement, and self-determination campaigns in China, East Turkestan, Hong Kong, Southern Mongolia, and Tibet. Dozens of Charter 08 signatories received long prison sentences, including Liu Xiaobo. Liu Xiaobo was the first Nobel Peace Prize laureate to die in prison since Nazi Germany. Dozens of prisoners of conscience including Cao Shunli and Tenzin Delek Rinpoche also have died in prison.

In the past fourteen years, more than 150 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in protest against the cultural genocide in Tibet. The Uighur area has been turned into an open-air prison through street surveillance and police checkpoints after the Urumqi bloodshed created by the Chinese authorities. Uyghur scholar Ilhaam Tohti has been sentenced to life imprisonment in 2014 after advocacy for the rights of the Uyghurs. Since 2016, millions of Uighurs and other Turkic Muslims have been imprisoned in “re-education” concentration camps, where they are subjected to forced labour and their slave products have been sold across the world.

Over the past dozens of years, many democracies have seen their democratic principles have eroded and human rights standards lowered after attempted to gain economic advantage with China. During Xi Jinping's visit to the UK, the British police were pressured by the Chinese and British governments to detain peaceful protesters, raid their homes and confiscate their electronic equipment. To this day, the British government and police continue to cover up the inside story of their dealings with the Chinese dictator and refuse to take responsibility.

The international democratic community must unite to boycott the Beijing 2022 Olympics. If human rights and democracy continue to be sacrificed to elites’ economic interests and business of sport, then finally we will lose democracy and more rights. To boycott the Beijing 2022 Olympics, uplift our humanity and consciousness, safeguard our own democracy and freedom, fight for human rights and equality for all.

NoteApple Daily, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy newspaper targeted by a national security police raid last week, will shut down online at midnight today (23 June) and will print its final edition on 24 June 2021.


In Chinese


從北京第一次開始申辦奧運會始,我認為國際社會應該拒絕北京主辦奧運會,原因是天安門屠殺以後中共專制制度沒有改變,中共統治地區的人權狀況持續惡化。 2008年夏季奧運會開幕之前五個月,中國當局血腥鎮壓了西藏大規模的和平示威。但是民主國家的絕大多數領導人、商業和媒體大亨、學術界有權勢者不願意採取行動抵制北京奧運會。他們認為奧運會會給中國帶來正面變化。


在過去的14年中,超過150位藏人自焚抗議中國政府在西藏實施的文化滅絕政策。在中國當局製造烏魯木齊血案後,通過街頭監控和密布的警察檢查使維吾爾地區成為露天監獄。 2014年,維吾爾族學者伊力哈木因倡導維吾爾權利被判處終身監禁。 2016年後,上百萬維吾爾人和其他突厥穆斯林被關入集中營,他們被強迫勞動,生產的奴工產品遍布全世界。




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