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Business and Human Rights (286)
Sep 14 2023 8:25am
Over 7,000 people called on their MP's to support a ban on Israeli settlement goods
For decades, Israel has been forcing thousands of Palestinians off the...
Jun 23 2023 11:22am
UK: new bill to ban councils from adopting ethical procurement policies condemned as 'outrageous'
Bill would make it unlawful for public bodies to make decisions about ...
Mar 13 2023 7:36am
Truth, Compassion, Resistance and Solidarity: speech for the 64th anniversary of the Tibet Uprising
Today marks the 64th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising. CCP’s invasi...
Aug 6 2022 11:59am
Tory new prime minister candidates’ China policy: profits over people
In less than three years into his tenure as British prime minister, Jo...
Jul 28 2022 2:54pm
UK: Airbnb using Commonwealth Games to sportswash its reputation
Games, which begin this evening, claim to ‘foster the spirit of friend...
Nov 18 2021 12:00am
UK: construction giant JCB's products used for Palestinian house demolitions and illegal Israeli settlements
Major new report reveals digger firm ignores use of its products for u...
Jul 30 2021 1:05pm
World's top ten venture capital firms all failing over human rights due diligence - new report
Eight of top ten firms showed no evidence they even checked whether th...
Jul 21 2021 6:38pm
Pegasus Project: UAE's Princess Latifa and Princess Haya were potential targets
Abducted Emirati princess and wife of authoritarian Emir of Dubai were...
Jun 25 2021 4:17am
Why must we boycott the Beijing 2022 Olympics? 為什麼我們必須抵制北京冬季奧運會?
Since Beijing first began bidding to host the Olympics, I have argued ...