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Hong Kong (133)
Apr 19 2024 8:00am
Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 75
London activists will gather at Chinese Embassy to mark Universal Decl...
Apr 19 2024 7:59am
London to Remember June Fourth 34 Years On
倫敦將舉行燭光集會,紀念八九民運34週年,緬懷六四死難者。 倫敦六四燭光集會 地點:中國大使館對面 時間:2023年6月4...
Apr 11 2024 11:54am
Human Rights in Hong Kong
Apr 11 2024 11:11am
Repression and Censorship within and beyond borders
No matter where we are, human rights should be universal.  People i...
Mar 19 2024 12:27pm
Hong Kong: Passing of Article 23 law extends iron fist of China to Hongkongers anywhere in the world
‘The UK Government needs to be clear and unambiguous in condemning thi...
Mar 8 2024 12:30pm
Hong Kong: Article 23 legislation takes repression to the ‘next level’
Activists could be prosecuted for interacting with foreign organisatio...
Mar 1 2024 2:49pm
Hong Kong: Transgender activist in danger of being sent back to mainland China
Lai Ke was detained in a psychiatric centre throughout her sentence an...
Jan 25 2024 10:57am
Hong Kong: Overturning Chow Hang-tung acquittal for Tiananmen vigil ‘another blow’ to rule of law
Hong Kong activist and lawyer faces a potential life prison sentence ...
Dec 15 2023 1:08pm
Hong Kong: Jimmy Lai’s ‘sham trial’ a further attack on press freedom
Repressive National Security Law is crushing Hong Kong’s freedoms L...
Dec 14 2023 4:44pm
Hong Kong: Police issue ‘absurd’ cash bounties on overseas activists
Five exiled pro-democracy activists become latest targeted by large bo...