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Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 75

London activists will gather at Chinese Embassy to mark Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 75, in solidarity with Hong Kongers, Uyghurs Tibetans and all the oppressed under the CCP rule. 倫敦活動人士將從外交部遊行到中國大使館外紀念《世界人權宣言》75, 聲援香港人維吾爾人、藏人以及在中共統治下所有被壓迫者。

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has consistently denied everyone’s right to periodic and genuine elections, and thus its regime has never been authorised by the will of the people. The 74-year rule of the CCP is illegal under Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The United Kingdom has been the first country in the Western world to recognize the CCP regime, and has participated in the deprivation of the human rights under the CCP rule, economic plunder and exploitationwhich is one of the basic reasons for the continuing man-made disasters under the CCP rule, leading to the ongoing deterioration in human rights and democracy in the United Kingdom.

中共持續剝奪了人民定期和真正選舉的權利,其政權從未以人民意志授權。 依據世界人權21條,中共74年的統治是非法的。 英國是西方世界第一個承認中共政權的國家,參與了中共對其統治下人民權利的剝奪、經濟掠奪和剝削,這是中共統治下人禍不斷的基本原因之一,也是英國人權持續下降的原因 。

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