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Covid-19: Big Pharma fuelling unprecedented human rights crisis - New Report

Female scientist in laboratory researches Covid vaccine, using a pipette and test tube
Amnesty is calling upon countries to urgently redistribute hundreds of millions of excess vaccine doses currently sitting idle

AstraZeneca, BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Novavax and Pfizer refuse to participate in initiatives to boost global vaccine supply Fewer than 1% of people in low-income countries fully vaccinated, compared to 55% in rich countries With 100 days until end of 2021, new campaign - ‘The 100 Day Countdown’ - calls for 2bn vaccines to be delivered to low and lower-middle income countries by year end Call on new Vaccines Minister Maggie Throup to ‘scale up support’ for global vaccine sharing ‘Profits should never come before lives’ - Agnès Callamard Six companies at the helm of the global

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Aug 16 2021 5:05PM
Ten years since the execution of Troy Davis: remembering the campaign to stop his execution

Blog by Kim Manning-Cooper – Ten years since the execution of Troy Davis: remembering the campaign to stop his execution Kim Manning-Cooper is an activist against the death penalty and former amnesty campaign manager The 21st of...

Aug 16 2021 5:05PM
UK could soon have prisoners of conscience

The Policing Bill will result in human rights activists being imprisoned solely for their peaceful exercise of their human rights. History offers proof of how protest rights can be eroded.

Jun 30 2021 4:03PM
Why the Police Crackdown Bill makes racism worse

First ever poll of Black people by UK Parliament’s Human Rights Committee shows that more than 85% are not confident that they would be treated the same as while people by the police.

May 23 2021 10:03AM
10 reasons why the Government needs to drop the Policing Bill

You might have heard about the controversial ‘Police Crackdown Bill’ currently being discussed in the UK Parliament. But what is it and why is Amnesty - alongside many others - opposing it?

Nov 18 2020 12:03PM
5 things you need to know about the Overseas Operations Bill

Torture is never OK - but right now, the government is attempting to pass a Bill that would decriminalise torture and war crimes committed by British soldiers more than five years ago. But what is the Overseas Operations Bill?

Jun 24 2020 11:56AM
Words That Burn – question through poetry

Watch Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan perform ‘This is not a humanizing poem’, explore Sabrina Mahfouz's ‘SOLIDARITY POEM (for all those defending human rights)’ and create your own poem in response to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights...

May 29 2020 11:18AM
Rewrites - Bite Size Activity

Celebrate our right to equality by rewriting a story so that a supporting character is now the hero.

May 29 2020 11:15AM
A Flutter of Stories - Bite Size Activity

Celebrate freedom of expression by collecting stories from friends and family. Write them onto butterfly shapes to create a flutter of stories.

May 29 2020 9:54AM
People Tree - Bite Size Activity

Celebrate our right to family and friends by making a People Tree. Who are you closest to? Who are the important people in their lives?

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