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Jul 3 2015 4:51PM
Kindertransport and Sir Nicholas Winton

London’s Liverpool Street station is a familiar part of my life. I pass through it almost every weekday and emerge beneath Bishopsgate’s steel and glass towers without a thought. Occasionally, I take a different route, onto Liverpool...

Oct 3 2014 10:36AM
The dangers of scrapping the Human Rights Act

At a fundamental level, human rights are an assertion of protection from the government and a claim for the protection of the government. Power has the potential for good and ill, which is why power must be regulated and laden with...

Nov 19 2007 1:20PM
A Shock to the System

We were appalled at Amnesty by video footage that came out last week on YouTube, showing the last moments of a man who died after being stunned with an electro-shock Taser by police at Vancouver International Airport last month. The...