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Feb 2 2016 5:03PM
The UK must recognise Eritreans as the refugees that they are

We have all heard about the terrible situation in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq causing people to risk their lives and make the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean. However, what I have sadly come to realise is that not so many...

Jul 15 2015 12:03PM
Providing refugees with a second chance in life

I was only 4 when my family left Afghanistan to come to the UK so I don’t remember much of the war, but my parents certainly do. They remember things like hundreds of people being buried alive in their town, my dad’s cousin being taken...

Feb 26 2015 4:42PM
2014: Measuring a year in human rights abuses

It is that time of the year again where Amnesty International release its annual report . While our annual reports have never been an uplifting read, this year’s report sadly indicates a new low. Civilians are living under quasi...

Feb 20 2014 1:19PM
Central African Republic is descending into catastrophe

'In many cases the wounds show that the victims were shot at close range. About 10 of the dead we found were women and some were children. One child, aged about 10, was shot multiple times and also mutilated; he had bullet wounds in...