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Aug 1 2013 11:03AM
China – it’s not Black and White

China is never far from the headlines. In the last week the Daily Mail ran a banner feature on Chinese citizens being banned from using Pizza Hut salad bars due to their fondness for building giant ‘salad towers’ of food. Apple’s...

Jul 30 2013 1:12PM
Whose side are we on - Will Scotland's charities get off the fence on the Referendum question?

Last week, we and many of the other charities in Scotland we work closely with, were surprised by a U-turn by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) who announced that charities can campaign openly for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote in next year...

May 31 2013 4:27PM
The Referendum Question

The conferences have started. From Holyrood to Glasgow City Chambers academics, lawyers and politicians are beginning to work through the implications of the referendum on whether or not Scotland should be an independent country. I've...

Apr 19 2013 4:00PM
Speaking out – learning the language of Human Rights

I was at a meeting this week with the SHRC to discuss SNAP. The next day I was at the CPG on HR discussing Climate Justice and yesterday I talked about SGT with SG at VQ. Yes, I've arrived, I now speak human rights! What that means is...

Apr 16 2013 10:54AM
Human Rights – right in your backyard

It seems that this month I can't open a newspaper, watch TV or overhear a conversation on my commute without there being a reference to Human Rights. I did wonder if this is just a heightened sensitivity as I approach the conclusion of...