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May 8 2024 11:35AM
Cass Review on Gender Identity

Today (Wednesday May 8th) some MSPs will debate the findings of the Cass Review - a review of Gender Identity services in England. This follows an evidence session from its author, Dr. Hilary Cass to the Scottish Parliament’s Health...

Jan 25 2024 2:24PM
Press Release: Scotland must 'show its workings' on International Relations and human rights

The Scottish Government must do more to show how the human rights records of states are considered in its international activity, Amnesty International has warned. Following the publication of the Scottish Government’s International...

Dec 4 2023 4:30PM
Briefing: United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill

Amnesty welcomes the reconsideration of the UNCRC (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill. The Bill will make a wider range of children’s human rights binding in Scots law, something children and young people have spent over a decade...

Nov 21 2023 9:21AM
Briefing - Crisis in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Today (Tuesday) MSPs at Holyrood will debate the crisis in Israel and the Occupied Palestinain Territories. We have published the following brieifng reiterating our calls for an immediate ceasefire by all parties to prevent further...

Oct 16 2023 1:41PM
A New Human Rights Bill for Scotland - Amnesty's consultation response

On October 5 th the Scottish Government’s consultation on a new Human Rights Bill for Scotland closed. Amnesty Scotland welcomes the proposals to strengthen the human rights framework and we have responded to the consultation. For ease...

Oct 8 2023 1:17PM
Amnesty: New Police Scotland chief needs urgent plan to tackle discrimination

Amnesty International has said that Police Scotland’s new Chief Constable must set out an ‘urgent detailed and measurable’ plan to tackle institutional discrimination. Chief Constable Jo Farrell will take up post on Monday as head of...

Jul 10 2023 7:43PM
Illegal Migration Bill

Alongside other human rights and migrants' rights organisations, Amnesty has written to the Scottish Parliament's Presiding Officer to ask why MSPs were not given time to vote on whether to consent to the UK Government's heinous...

Apr 25 2023 1:24PM
Amnesty Scotland Briefing - Refugee Ban Bill

This afternoon (Tuesday 25th April) the Scottish Parliament will debate the UK Government's Illegal Migration Bill, dubbed the 'Refugee Ban Bill'. The Scottish Government has lodged the following motion to be debated by MSPs: That the...

Mar 28 2023 11:19AM
Amnesty International Letter to the First Minister

Amnesty International has written to Scotland's new First Minister Humza Yousaf inviting him to meet rights organisations and campaigners to agree a ‘human rights agenda’ for Scotland. Naomi McAuliffe, Amnesty's Scotland Director...

Mar 23 2023 11:47AM
Refugee Ban Bill

Earlier this month the House of Commons passed the UK Government's Illegal Immigration or 'Refugee Ban' Bill at second reading - the latest but most inhumane and targeted attack on human rights we have seen. The Bill is expected to...

Mar 8 2023 2:02PM
Letter to SNP Leadership Candidates from Human Rights Organisations

Human rights organisations in Scotland have asked SNP leadership candidates to honour commitments to introduce a new human rights bill for Scotland this parliamentary session, and progress implementation of the United Nations...

Jan 17 2023 7:27PM
A statement from Scottish civil society organisations on the UK Government’s intervention on the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill

This week, the UK government announced their intention to block the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, which was recently passed overwhelmingly in the Scottish Parliament, from becoming law. We, the undersigned, wish to make...

Nov 30 2022 1:33PM
Women's and Human Rights organisations restate support for Gender Recognition Reform Bill

Women's and human rights organisations in Scotland, including Amnesty, have written to the UN Special Rapporteur for Violence Against Women and Girls restating their support for Scotland's Gender Recogntion Reform Bill. The...

Oct 27 2022 11:30AM
Gender Recogntion Reform (Scotland) Bill - Stage One

This afternoon (Thursday 27th October) The Scottish Parliament will debate the Gender Recogntion Reform (Scotland) Bill at Stage One following a lengthy process of evidence gathering by the Parliament's Equalities, Human Rights and...

Oct 10 2022 9:58AM
Amnesty and JRS write to the Scottish Government backing Gender Recogntion Bill

Amnesty Scotland and JustRight Scotland have written to the Scottish Government and Parliament reiterating support for it's Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill after an intervention from the UK Government and Equality and Human...

Aug 15 2022 2:21PM
The Policing of Cop26 and the Right to Protest in Scotland

As Amnesty begins a flagship campaign to 'protect the protest', we look at what lessons can be learned by the policing of Cop26 last November.

Jul 25 2022 10:12AM
New Guide - Your Right to Protest in Scotland

Amnesty Scotland and JRS Knowhow have teamed up to create an online guide about our right to protest. Do you know your rights?

Jun 22 2022 10:46AM
Press Release - Scottish Parliament urged to probe impact of 'Rights Removal Bill' on devolution

‘The Human Rights Act is the cornerstone of people power in this country. It’s no coincidence that the very politicians it holds to account want to see it fatally weakened’ - Sacha Deshmukh Amnesty International has branded the UK...

Mar 21 2022 4:13PM
Human rights charities ask how they can support protesters in Scotland

Human Rights charities JustRight Scotland (JRS) and Amnesty International have launched a consultation asking how they can support protestors in Scotland. The organisations are working together to develop practical resources which will...

Dec 14 2021 2:26PM
Scottish human rights organisations unite to reject “unnecessary, regressive and divisive” plans to replace Human Rights Act

Responding to the UK Government’s announcement today that it plans to replace the Human Rights Act, five leading Scottish human rights organisations have released a joint statement calling the proposals “unnecessary, regressive and...