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Sep 18 2018 5:30PM
Is the Refugee Family Reunion Bill being blocked by the Government?

In 2018, MPs voted overwhelmingly to support a Bill to change the restrictive Home Office rules which keep many refugee families apart. So, why has nothing changed?

May 25 2018 4:20PM
A moment to celebrate the undeniable wonder of family life

As half-term kicks off, people across the country will be spending it with family. But there are also many refugee families who are separated by the UK's cruel immigration restrictions.

Mar 16 2018 5:24PM
You did it: 131 MPs voted for the Refugee Family Reunion Bill!

The current UK laws on the rights of refugees are restrictive and unfair. But change is possible - the Refugee Family Reunion Bill takes us one giant step closer to reuniting refugee families.

Oct 4 2016 5:47PM
No more torture on your doorstep

Thumb screws, electric shock batons, leg irons and neck shackles. These instruments of torture aren’t just confined to the history books – they're being used every day in torture chambers, police stations, military barracks and at...

Mar 23 2016 5:54PM
Free Mahmoud Hussein, arrested in Egypt for his t-shirt

Good news! Mahmoud released A huge thank you to everyone that took action – Mahmoud was finally freed on Friday 25 March after a court upheld his release. He has now been reunited with his family. This is great news but Mahmoud should...

Oct 30 2015 9:53AM
After more than 13 years, Shaker Aamer has been released from Guantánamo Bay

When I helped organise a protest against Guantánamo Bay in 2007 , I had no idea that I would still be campaigning against it more than eight years later. Or that until today there would still be a British resident held at the notorious...

Jun 26 2015 10:59AM
Take a stand to stop torture

‘The pain of torture is unbearable.’ These are the words of torture survivor Moses Akatugba from Nigeria, one of the many individuals we support in their search for justice. The ‘confession’ Moses made, after having his finger and toe...

May 21 2015 5:22PM
A week to spare the life of Moses Akatugba

UPDATE, 28 MAY 2015: Moses pardoned Emmanuel Uduaghan, the Governor of Delta State, has granted a total pardon to Moses Akatugba, who was sentenced to death by hanging for stealing mobile phones. Thank you to the thousands of you who...

Mar 2 2015 9:34AM
Philip Hammond and Nick Clegg must speak out about Mexico's torture problem

Update, 5 March: Following your actions on Facebook and Twitter, human rights were raised with President Peña Nieto several times during his visit, by both the Deputy PM Nick Clegg , and by David Cameron . Thank you for taking action...

May 13 2014 5:49PM
30 years of broken promises: it's time to stop torture

Join our live Q&A and ask our experts your questions Electric shocks to the genitals. Cigarette burns. Being punched and beaten. Deprived of food and water. Your family threatened with the same if you don’t confess. Despite a global...

Nov 29 2013 11:20AM
Zimbabwe: good news comes in threes

They say good news comes in threes, so I wanted to share just that with you from our friends in Zimbabwe. Human rights lawyer acquitted On Wednesday, Beatrice Mtetwa was found not guilty of ‘obstructing the course of justice’...

Aug 8 2013 4:26PM
Zimbabwe: human rights concerns despite a peaceful election

It’s one week on from the Zimbabwean election and it’s been quite a week for the country… I’ll try to give a quick summary of the past week’s events, and our concerns following reports of human rights violations in some districts. Urge...

Jul 31 2013 4:42PM
Zimbabwe goes to the polls peacefully – but will it stay that way?

Zimbabweans have gone to the polls today for the first time since the violent elections of 2008, when 200 people were killed and thousands more were injured and displaced from their homes. The majority of the global media is focussing...

Jul 17 2013 12:12PM
18,000 voices call for violence free elections in Zimbabwe

Today, Amnesty colleagues and I will present 7,000 action cards to the South African High Commission and an 11,000 strong petition to the Tanzanian High Commission in London, calling for violence-free elections in Zimbabwe . What have...

Mar 16 2013 10:11AM
Zimbabwe's referendum: a dry-run for this year's elections?

Zimbabweans go to the polls today to vote on a new constitution. Today’s referendum is the culmination of nearly five years of political wrangling and many are seeing it as a litmus test for the presidential elections later in the year...

Feb 14 2013 11:20AM
Ten years of the power of love for WOZA and Zimbabwe

Update, 15 Feb . On 14 February, 181 WOZA members were arrested at a peaceful Valentine's Day demonstration in Bulawayo. The WOZA members were calling on police to respond to complaints about police beatings and brutality. The day...