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A week to spare the life of Moses Akatugba

UPDATE, 28 MAY 2015: Moses pardoned

Emmanuel Uduaghan, the Governor of Delta State, has granted a total pardon to Moses Akatugba, who was sentenced to death by hanging for stealing mobile phones. Thank you to the thousands of you who took action for Moses and urged the Governor to show mercy.

Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan has just granted total pardon to Moses Akatugba who was sentenced to death...

Posted by Emmanuel Uduaghan on Thursday, May 28, 2015

Moses Akatugba was 16 years old when his life changed for ever. He was arrested for stealing mobile phones and tortured. His finger and toe nails were pulled out with pliers and he was shot in the hand. He had a ‘confession’ beaten out of him. The pain and fear he must have gone through is unimaginable. Things got worse.

At 24 he was convicted and sentenced to death, based on the 'confession' tortured out of him. It’s a tragic story.

But there is a ray of hope.

Last October, Emmanuel Uduaghan, the Governor of Delta State in Nigeria, who has the power to commute Moses’ death sentence, spoke publicly about the possibility of a release. He even referred to appeals from Amnesty supporters. Your voices were heard.

‘The process of releasing him is on course’ the Governor said. The one sticking point was Moses’ outstanding appeal. ‘The only way we can proceed further, is for that appeal to be removed’ he said.

Process of releasing Moses Akatugba on course, says Gov. Uduaghan

2014 Independence Day: Process of releasing Moses Akatugba on course, says Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan

Posted by Emmanuel Uduaghan on Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Moses has now withdrawn his appeal. So it’s time for the Governor to be true to his word.

But the Governor steps down on 29 May, so we only have a matter of days to keep up the pressure. Please ask the Governor to show mercy and make sparing Moses’ life part of his legacy.

We're one step closer to justice for Moses – so let's push the Governor to honour his commitment

Take action – remind the Governor of his commitment last year

Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan is on Twitter and Facebook and with just a few days before he steps down, it's vitally important we make our campaign as public as possible. With just two clicks you can join us and make your voice heard.

Send a tweet

To tweet the Governor, just press the button below to send a message.

.@euduaghan Please show mercy and spare the life of Moses Akatugba #StopTorture

And please retweet us to ask your friends to take part:

Leave a message on Facebook

If you're on Facebook, you can also write a personal message on the Governor's Facebook page, calling for Moses' death sentence to be commuted and his torture investigated. Make it personal, but please remember to keep it polite!

Leave a comment on one of the Governor's Facebook posts

Here's a couple of suggestions, but if you personalise it it'll have greater effect:

Seven months ago, you pledged to help Moses Akatugba. Now that his appeal has been withdrawn, Moses' life is in your hands

Seven months ago, you pledged to help Moses Akatugba. Now that his appeal has been withdrawn, you have the power to save Moses

Want to do more? Sign and share our petition

36,000 of you have signed our petition calling for justice for Moses - thank you. Iif you haven't yet, please add your name!

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