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Torture (643)
Feb 24 2021 12:43pm
Conviction of former Syrian official in Germany for crimes against humanity 'historic victory for justice'
‘We call on more states to follow Germany’s example by investigating a...
    Feb 17 2021 5:48pm
    UAE: Princess Latifa's 'chilling' video messages must be acted on
    Fears growing for Emirati princess held for almost three years after b...
      Feb 17 2021 10:00am
      Iran: prisoner flogged 60 times at weekend and still at risk of amputation punishment
      Thirty-three-year-old Hadi Rostami flogged for ‘disrupting prison orde...
        Jan 29 2021 4:09pm
        Indonesia: two men publicly flogged 77 times for same-sex 'offences'
        Two men caned 77 times each in ‘cruel’ punishment in front of 100-stro...
          Jan 27 2021 12:01am
          Belarus: Protesters tortured and 'mercilessly beaten' following post-election protests - New Report
          More than 900 abuses by police logged, but not one criminal investigat...
            Jan 25 2021 12:00am
            Egypt: detainees in severely overcrowded jails being denied healthcare - new report
            Ten years on from 2011 protests, Sisi’s jails now packed with those at...
              Jan 10 2021 11:59pm
              USA: Joe Biden must close Guantánamo - new report
              Joe Biden pledged to close the camp as Vice-President 40 people sti...
                Dec 22 2020 10:59am
                Why Did Austria Protect An Assad Regime Torture Chief?
                Syrian human rights activists want states to hold Austria to account f...
                Dec 14 2020 2:21pm
                Urgent Action Outcome: Crimean Tatar rights defender sentenced
                Server Mustafayev, a Crimean Tatar human rights defender, was sentence...
                  Dec 10 2020 11:59pm
                  UK should commit to global ban on torture equipment as part of Brexit
                  UK set to leave EU system overseeing ban on torture equipment  UN m...