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Torture (714)
Mar 6 2024 3:12pm
Saudi Arabia Sub Group - Forthcoming Meeting
The next meeting of the Saudi Arabia Sub-Group takes place next Wednes...
Feb 17 2024 9:04pm
Saudi Arabia Sub Group
Formed in 2022, our Saudi Arabia Sub Group has the main purpose of con...
Feb 9 2024 5:32pm
Yemen: Huthi authorities sentence seven to stoning and two to crucifixion for homosexual 'crimes'
Separately, 13 students sentenced to death for ‘spreading homosexualit...
Dec 12 2023 5:31pm
Russia: fears grow for Aleksei Navalny's safety after 'disappearance' in detention
His lawyers have been unable to locate him for a week, with concerns m...
Dec 6 2023 12:00am
Iran: security forces used rape to help crush women's rights protests - new report
Research documents 45 cases of rape - including gang-rape - and other ...
Nov 8 2023 2:57pm
Israel/OPT: surge in arbitrary detention of West Bank Palestinians, with torture rife
Israeli authorities currently holding more than 2,000 Palestinians wit...
Sep 13 2023 12:01am
Iran: year of 'unspeakable cruelty' from authorities after Mahsa Amini's death
Tens of thousands arrested, hundreds unlawfully killed, and torture in...
Sep 4 2023 2:00pm
Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa's inauguration takes place amid political climate of fear
Emmerson Mnangagwa to begin second term as president after election th...
Aug 29 2023 4:26pm
Zimbabwe: authorities must investigate reports of abduction and torture of opposition activist
Nelson Mukwenha allegedly apprehended at his home in Harare after help...
Aug 24 2023 1:37pm
Human Rights in Venezuela
Written by James Baird, Country Coordinator for Venezuela   Crit...