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2017 (36)
Dec 13 2017 4:55PM
Defending the Defenders

By Sharmini Varatharajah, Advocacy & Activisim Assistant Volunteer at Amnesty International UK. On 6 th December 2017, we held our annual Parliamentary Reception in the Speaker’s House of Westminster Palaces to mark Human Rights Day...

Dec 13 2017 11:13AM
Write for Rights with the LGBTI Network

By Daniel Theophanous We started the Write for Rights campaign over 15 years ago: a global letter-writing initiative which has now become one of world’s biggest human rights event. The campaign’s premise is that “sometimes a letter can...

Dec 12 2017 3:19PM
Author Mitch Johnson on tackling global inequality in fiction

By Mitch Johnson: an introduction to his new book ,'Kick', which has been endorsed by Amnesty International UK. 100 seconds. That’s how long it takes a top-flight footballer to earn a sweatshop worker’s monthly wage. When I first did...

Dec 8 2017 2:59PM
The persecution of the Ahmadiyya community

For the 5 million Ahmadis in the world, religious persecution has been particularly severe and systematic in Pakistan, where Ahmadis have been officially declared non-Muslims.

Nov 30 2017 11:47AM
Children’s picture books and human rights

By Nicky Parker, Publisher, Amnesty International UK Why picture books for young children are the perfect place to celebrate human rights We work on life and death matters all over the world. People know us for our campaigning and...

Nov 29 2017 11:00AM
'I wouldn’t wish this on anyone' - a Palestinian activist speaks out

By Issa Amro, a Palestinian activist and founder/coordinator of the Youth Against Settlements (YAS) group For five decades, Palestinians like myself have been persecuted in ways I would never wish upon anyone. We’ve been thrown out of...

Nov 24 2017 2:38PM
Our ethical Christmas gift ideas 2017

No longer purely the realm of the most conscientious consumers or hardcore hippies, Fairtrade can be affordable, fashionable and good for the soul. Here are the best ethical Christmas gifts for 2017.

Nov 20 2017 2:49PM
The Convention on the Rights of the Child: Improving children’s lives

The UN Convention on the Rights of a Child protects young people across the world from harm. Law professor Jonathon Todres explains more.

Nov 8 2017 5:41PM
Speaking up for human rights: what does solidarity mean?

by Patrick Cash for the 'Write for Rights' campaign. When I ask myself why I’ve got involved with a campaign at Amnesty International, I have two answers: firstly, that I’ve always admired from afar the organisation’s ethos and work...

Oct 31 2017 2:04PM
Introducing Write for Rights 2017

by Patrick Cash, an Amnesty International UK volunteer for the Write for Rights Campaign Write for Rights is essentially about using freedom of expression to stand up for the freedom of others. It began with simple greeting cards when...

Oct 26 2017 10:56AM
There’s more to sex than someone being male or female

By Lui Asquith – Vice Chair of the LGBTI Network “ Is it a boy or girl?! ” We have probably all asked this question at some point in our lives, for it is almost always the first thing someone asks a new parent. However, we ask you this...

Oct 20 2017 12:49PM
Amnesty LGBTI: National Hate Crime Awareness Week

By Daniel Theophanous “I was assaulted by a man whilst I was holding hands with my lesbian partner. He grabbed me from behind and thrust himself into me, then verbally attacked me.” - Freya, 21, Wales “Someone described their intention...

Oct 19 2017 12:21PM
Taking a Knee

By Elisa Colton, Amnesty Speaker Programme Volunteer. Let me start by saying I'm not usually a sports fan. American sports in particular, with their intricate rules, excitable commentary and pop star performances seem a world away to...

Oct 11 2017 3:37PM
Australia's shame - why Europe must not follow its hard-hearted policies on refugees

By Claire Mallinson, Director of Amnesty Australia Naru, an island of despair The Australian government’s offshore processing system for refugees and asylum-seekers on Nauru and Manus Island is harsh and cruel. Our report on Nauru...

Oct 11 2017 9:32AM
International Day of the Girl and the fight for girls' rights across the world

There are 1.1 billion girls in the world, and on International Day of the Girl, we remind ourselves that every one of them deserves equal opportunities for a better future, despite the challenges many face across the world.

Oct 10 2017 1:30PM
Freeing Nazanin - an activist's journey

Written by Daren Nair, Amnesty International activist and member of the Amnesty International Tower Hamlets group. On 4 October 2017, I met my Member of Parliament, Stephen Timms. Stephen is also an officer of the All-Party...

Sep 14 2017 2:48PM
3 powerful human rights films to look out for this Autumn

Our top picks of the human rights-related films to look out for this autumn, featuring the story of an undocumented immigrant family in Mexico, a look at the life of Winnie Mandela, and fresh perspectives on Canada's Charter of Rights.

Sep 2 2017 12:55PM
The cost of courting Libya

It's been two years since little Alan Kurdi's tiny body was found washed up on a beach in Turkey. Did his death prove to be the wake-up call for world leaders to take action that we had hoped?

Aug 18 2017 12:55PM
The Indian government is failing victims of child rape

On average, a child is raped every 155 minutes in India. Police misconduct, lack of effective monitoring, and a culture in which victims are stigmatised, all mean the law is failing to protect children.

Aug 16 2017 3:34PM
Tanzania must end the cruel ban on pregnant girls in schools

No one should be denied access to an education – but this is exactly what is happening in Tanzania, where cruel laws ban any girl who is pregnant from school.