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2012 (18)
Dec 10 2012 2:38PM
Marking International Human Rights Day: A plea from MP Ann Clywd

This year we've teamed up with the All-Party Parliamentary Human Rights Group to mark International Human Rights Day. Here MP Ann Clwyd, who chairs the group in Parliament, reflects on why human rights are so fundamental and asks you...

Dec 7 2012 5:14PM
Student Human Rights Reporter Award hopefuls, begin the holidays with a message for Human Rights Day

With the holidays nearly here, there’s no time like the present to start thinking about a submission for Amnesty’s Student Human Rights Reporter Award. The competition recognises students across Scotland and the UK who have what it...

Nov 27 2012 2:21PM
Dispatches from Israel: "What I'm going through is hell"

Ann Harrison, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme is in Israel investigating rocket attacks from Gaza. Our Senior Crisis Researcher, Donatella Rovera, is in Gaza, read her blog from Gaza...

Nov 26 2012 11:29AM
Dispatches from Gaza: "Were my wife, my children, terrorists?"

Donatella Rovera, our Crisis Response Researcher, has been in Gaza since the ceasefire was called on 21st November. She sent us this short update from Gaza City. The children are playing outside again, despite the torrential rain. They...

Nov 5 2012 11:04AM
'A China to be proud of…'

Exiled freelance writer Li Jianhong (pen-name ‘Xiao Qiao’) longs to return home. As a new generation of leaders take charge of China’s Communist Party she is not optimistic for change. I used to expose government corruption as a...

Nov 1 2012 11:51AM
Syria disappeared: Where is Anas al-Shogre?

Update 1 January 2013: Write for Rights has now ended, and this action has closed. A huge thank you to everybody who left a message of support for Anas's family, we were bowled over by your response. We are gathering the messages...

Oct 29 2012 2:55PM
'Call Me Kuchu' - the secret world of Uganda's LGBT rights activists

When we started filming Call Me Kuchu, our documentary about David Kato, the first openly gay man in Uganda, we were immediately struck by the apparent disconnect between our experiences in Uganda and what we were seeing in...

Oct 29 2012 2:55PM
'Call Me Kuchu' - the secret world of Uganda's LGBT rights activists

This is a guest post by Katherine Fairfax Wright and Malika Zouhali-Worrall, the filmmakers behind feature documentary Call me Kuchu. When we started filming Call Me Kuchu, our documentary about David Kato, the first openly gay man in...

Oct 8 2012 3:56PM
Forced evictions: "We are asking for right and justice to be done"

We’ve just returned from Warsaw, from a meeting of the 56-nation Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), focusing on human rights, tolerance and non-discrimination across Europe, the former Soviet Union and North...

Oct 5 2012 4:57PM
Multimedia monk scoops human rights gong

Venerable Luon Sovath, a Buddhist monk from Cambodia, has won a top human rights award - the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders 2012. Known as the ‘multimedia monk’, Sovath has collected video evidence of communities caught...

Oct 3 2012 11:38AM
“We are carrying on, even if they rape us, beat us or kill us”

Jacqueline Khumalo and Thandeka Jwaha are campaigners at Amnesty International South Africa, and were at the recent Pride march in KwaThema, Ekurhuleni. “We are carrying on, even if they rape us, beat us or kill us”, the crowd sing in...

Sep 28 2012 9:30AM
To keep your human rights, act.

Public consultation on a UK Bill of Rights closes this weekend. Stephen Bowen, Director, British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) looks at the background to the consultation, and why you've got to speak out to keep your rights. Let’s...

Aug 23 2012 10:57AM
Music, bric-a-brac and homemade cake - Islington's summer fair

Kathryn Grant is a member of the Islington & Hackney Amnesty Group,who held their successful summer fayre on Islington Green last weekend. She's written a guest post for us on the day, and her tips for organising your own event...

Jul 19 2012 11:45AM
Fowey Community College students take on a mini-triathlon for Amnesty

We are year 9/10 students at Fowey Community College in mid Cornwall. As part of our citizenship course work we chose to focus on Amnesty International as we felt that not many of our friends here knew much about this organisation and...

Jul 12 2012 1:45PM
Getting behind Amnesty with… well, tea

Guest blogger James Ramsden is an Amnesty supporter and a London-based foodie - he writes about it, hosts secret larder dinner parties and even has his own cook book. Here's James on supporting our work simply by eating cake! Having...

Jul 2 2012 4:32PM
The vital importance of a strong Arms Trade Treaty

As part of a blog-swap with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Paul Arkwright, the UK Ambassador to the Netherlands, blogs on the start of the Arms Trade Treaty negotiations. Today marks the start of important negotiations in New York...

Jun 29 2012 12:30PM
Pause for thought - 40 years since the US Supreme Court briefly stopped executions

Today is the 40th anniversary of the US Supreme Court briefly stopping executions. USA Researcher Rob Freer looks back at that ruling and the use of death penalty by the US today. For a brief moment four decades ago, it looked like the...

May 29 2012 4:09PM
Why I keep organising Baltic Pride

Guest post by Kristine Garina, Chairperson of Latvian LGBT rights organisation Mozaika and founder of Baltic Pride In six years of LGBT activism in Riga, Latvia, I’ve never felt stronger about the importance of Baltic Pride than now...