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2014 (66)
Dec 18 2014 2:41PM
Seven things you probably didn’t know about migrants

Is a migrant the same as an immigrant? Are migrants good or bad for the economy, and can you name some famous ones? Find out today, on International Migrants Day. 1. What’s the difference between an immigrant and a migrant? All...

Dec 16 2014 6:00PM
Our top six Christmas gifts with a difference

There's so much pressure to spend big at Christmas, we don’t always have the chance to take a step back and think about the impact our cash has. As consumers we're accountable for our spending, but making ethical shopping choices isn't...

Dec 5 2014 5:48PM
Why the Scott Panetti case strikes at the heart of the death penalty debate

On Wednesday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals stayed the execution of Scott Panetti to “fully consider the late arriving and complex legal questions at issue”. Panetti has a long history of acute mental health problems, having been...

Dec 3 2014 4:36PM
Where is the justice for torture victims in the Philippines?

When a man’s severed head turns up in Manila Bay with three gunshots through the cranium, one would reasonably expect the authorities to fast-track the investigation of such a grisly crime. But justice for the victim and the family...

Dec 1 2014 11:01AM
Time to end 40 years of impunity for torture of ‘Hooded Men’

I led an Amnesty International delegation to Belfast in 1971 to investigate allegations we had received of internees subjected to brutal physical interrogation methods combined with measures of ‘sensory deprivation’. Those were...

Nov 26 2014 5:04PM
Young, Black, Alive - breaking the silence on Brazil's soaring youth homicide rate

Earlier this week, many people around the world waited with bated breath for a grand jury’s decision in a case where a police officer shot dead an unarmed young black man on the street. While the 9 August shooting of Michael Brown took...

Nov 24 2014 3:22PM
What are the best books about identity for teenagers?

During the our Guardian Teen Takeover Week authors Alan Gibbons, Sita Brahmachari, Deborah Ellis and Bali Rai recommended some of their favourite books for young adults to us. All these books deal with issues of identity from gender...

Nov 18 2014 3:59PM
The battle for transgender rights: which human right must I drop?

Asking someone to make a choice between rights is abhorrent. Yet, the harsh reality is that certain transgender people are forced to make such decisions if they wish to achieve legal recognition of their own sense of gender identity...

Nov 12 2014 4:23PM
Sita Brahmachari on home, homelessness, identity and belief

The human rights concerns I explore in ‘Red Leaves’ are ones that have always troubled me, but it seemed that NOW more than ever it was the time to tell a story for young people about the universal human right to have a home; a safe...

Nov 10 2014 11:08AM
Malorie Blackman: 'Children's books still have a long way to go before they are truly diverse'

Once told to 'go back to where she came from' (she was born in Clapham), children's laureate Malorie Blackman is now famous for her books on race and identity. Here Malorie reveals the books that shaped her and why YA fiction has a lot...

Nov 9 2014 4:27PM
Palestinian homes as targets

Nearly three months have passed since the latest conflict came to an end, but the piles of rubble and empty shells of family homes in Gaza serve as painful reminders of the death and destruction that resulted from Israel’s latest...

Nov 6 2014 10:23PM
Living with Ebola in Freetown: 'It feels like the whole country is in quarantine'

Since the first cases of Ebola were reported in March, life in Sierra Leone has changed beyond recognition. So far, the World Health Organization has confirmed more than 5,200 Ebola cases in Sierra Leone alone and more than 13,700...

Nov 3 2014 4:26PM
Stoking the fire of Iraq's sectarian conflict

Unlike nearby villages recently captured by the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government from the armed group calling itself Islamic State, not a single villager has returned to Barzanke. As I go from house to house, it...

Nov 3 2014 1:27PM
Ukraine: falling from a trolleybus is not a war crime. Or is it?

'It’s not Europe. It’s a bit different… it’s a war here'. This is what a commander of the Aidar volunteer battalion told Amnesty earlier this year. War, or any full blown armed conflict as Ukraine is experiencing despite the recent...

Oct 29 2014 12:33PM
'I am trying to make a change for the future': El Salvador's youth activists

When I was growing up, I was told that abortion was illegal. In school, you were taught about abortion from a religious perspective – that abortion is wrong. At first, I believed this. But I’ve had friends who got pregnant after they...

Oct 23 2014 10:15AM
Amnesty release poll showing majority in Nothern Ireland back abortion law reforms in DOJ consultation

The Department of Justice in Northern Ireland has opened the public consultation on three specific changes to Northern Ireland’s abortion. Northern Ireland’s legislation in this area is very restricted with compared with the rest of...

Oct 23 2014 10:08AM
Paul Conroy explaining why Syria is not only a dangerous place for journalists - at Belfast Festival

War photographers must be wired differently to the rest of us. They feel fear, yet they seem to suppress the instinct to do anything about it. They are calm in the middle of a disrupted and dangerous reality. Paul Conroy opened the...

Oct 20 2014 11:10AM
Hong Kong protests: How young activists led the way

I wouldn’t say I am an organiser of the demonstrations – there is no one organiser here. But young people and students have definitely been the primary initiators. I fell into this role quite unexpectedly. I first ran for the post of...

Oct 16 2014 11:54AM
Belgrade Pride: we finally walked. Ljudi za ljude

Barely three months ago I was interviewed by The Independent on the relevance of pride marches, and in particular, London pride. My answer then was that "we march for those who can't. Our platform helps people see the other side...

Oct 10 2014 5:49PM
Our only option was to flee Libya by sea: a refugee's story

Syrian doctor Hasan Wahid survived a shipwreck in the Mediterranean on 11 October 2013 - the second of two shipwrecks near Lampedusa where over 500 people drowned. He told us his family's story of the impossible choices – and terrible...