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2017 (39)
Dec 20 2017 4:09PM
10 inspiring Instagrammers to follow in 2018

These individuals or groups are challenging the system in their own unique way, and aspiring to change the world for the better.

Dec 13 2017 4:55PM
Defending the Defenders

By Sharmini Varatharajah, Advocacy & Activisim Assistant Volunteer at Amnesty International UK. On 6 th December 2017, we held our annual Parliamentary Reception in the Speaker’s House of Westminster Palaces to mark Human Rights Day...

Nov 24 2017 2:38PM
Our ethical Christmas gift ideas 2017

No longer purely the realm of the most conscientious consumers or hardcore hippies, Fairtrade can be affordable, fashionable and good for the soul. Here are the best ethical Christmas gifts for 2017.

Oct 31 2017 2:04PM
Introducing Write for Rights 2017

by Patrick Cash, an Amnesty International UK volunteer for the Write for Rights Campaign Write for Rights is essentially about using freedom of expression to stand up for the freedom of others. It began with simple greeting cards when...

Oct 11 2017 3:37PM
Australia's shame - why Europe must not follow its hard-hearted policies on refugees

By Claire Mallinson, Director of Amnesty Australia Naru, an island of despair The Australian government’s offshore processing system for refugees and asylum-seekers on Nauru and Manus Island is harsh and cruel. Our report on Nauru...

Oct 10 2017 1:30PM
Freeing Nazanin - an activist's journey

Written by Daren Nair, Amnesty International activist and member of the Amnesty International Tower Hamlets group. On 4 October 2017, I met my Member of Parliament, Stephen Timms. Stephen is also an officer of the All-Party...

Oct 4 2017 4:01PM
Human rights in the DNA

British-Iranian actress, Homeland star and human rights campaigner Nazanin Boniadi talks about her bicultural upbringing, the links between acting and activism, and her Amnesty podcast . What was your childhood like? My parents were...

Oct 4 2017 3:07PM
Hate crime hurts

Every year thousands of people in the UK are attacked and harassed – physically or verbally. It isn’t only members of black and minority ethnic communities, immigrants and refugees who suffer. Muslims, Jews, gay, transgender and...

Oct 4 2017 2:30PM
Key human rights issues in the UK

The UK's human rights come under review The human rights record of every country in the world comes up for scrutiny at the UN Human Rights Council every five years, in a process known as the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). The process...

Sep 25 2017 4:00PM
Trump’s new travel ban cannot stand in any form

And so the catastrophe continues: Donald Trump’s senseless travel ban has been extended to include restrictions on travellers from Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen. For Yemen, the bitter irony of this...

Sep 14 2017 2:48PM
3 powerful human rights films to look out for this Autumn

Our top picks of the human rights-related films to look out for this autumn, featuring the story of an undocumented immigrant family in Mexico, a look at the life of Winnie Mandela, and fresh perspectives on Canada's Charter of Rights.

Sep 6 2017 10:19AM
Campaigning to free Kamal Foroughi, the longest imprisoned EU citizen in Iran

Written by Daren Nair, Amnesty International UK activist. On 3 September 2017, British grandfather Kamal Foroughi turned 78 years old. This was his 2,315th day behind bars in Iran’s Evin Prison. My local Amnesty group and I have spent...

Sep 2 2017 12:55PM
The cost of courting Libya

It's been two years since little Alan Kurdi's tiny body was found washed up on a beach in Turkey. Did his death prove to be the wake-up call for world leaders to take action that we had hoped?

Sep 1 2017 12:55PM
Review: Syria’s Disappeared – chilling but crucial viewing

Among the tens of thousands of men, women and children who have gone missing in Syria, this powerful film tracks some of the stories of those most horrifically affected by Assad's regime.

Aug 25 2017 12:30PM
Game of Thrones: Five ways fact is worse than fiction

[Spoiler alert: reveals plot lines up to season seven episode six.] WINTER IS COMING. As the seventh season of Game of Thrones draws to a close – a programme talked about as much for its dramatic plot twists as its graphic violence...

Aug 18 2017 3:55PM
A hateful eight days... and what to do about it

Amidst a raft of hateful events in the last few days, it's tempting to feel defeated by it all. But we won’t let hate, bigotry and discrimination divide us. Not now, not ever.

Jul 27 2017 2:57PM
LGBTI rights are a work in progress

It's fifty years since the UK legislated for a partial decriminalisation of homosexuality. We’ve come a long way since yet we are still a long way off a truly equal society for LGBTI+ people both here in the UK and globally.

Jul 7 2017 12:47PM
Love is a right, not a gift

By Simon Ware, Chair at Amnesty UK LGBTI Network This year’s theme for Pride in London is “Love Happens Here”. It does. It happens everywhere, and it takes all forms imaginable, but here in the UK, and in London in particular, it is...

Jun 22 2017 1:50PM
Hate crimes in the UK – the victims’ stories

Every year hundreds of thousands of people in the United Kingdom are attacked and harassed – physically or verbally – because they are perceived as ‘different’. Why? Perhaps it’s because of their religion or their sexuality, or it’s...

Jun 16 2017 10:00PM
Peanut from Kaiser Chiefs: Why activism is important

Not content with being multi-award winning, number one rock legends — Kaiser Chiefs want to use their worldwide fame to make a positive change in the world. That’s why they were recently one of the first musical artists to become...