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2014 (15)
Dec 21 2014 11:12AM
Six must-see documentaries of 2014

Journalism has always played a vital part in uncovering human rights abuses and corruption around the world. Film is a powerful way to bring these issues to life – it can educate, expose, galvanise, amuse, terrify, and even hold to...

Dec 17 2014 4:22PM
Send a birthday message to Chelsea Manning

Where were you on your 27th birthday? A question that takes most of us a minute or two to stab a guess at; maybe you’re not yet 27 (lucky you!), but the chances are you’ve spent various birthdays in different places, with different...

Dec 16 2014 6:00PM
Our top six Christmas gifts with a difference

There's so much pressure to spend big at Christmas, we don’t always have the chance to take a step back and think about the impact our cash has. As consumers we're accountable for our spending, but making ethical shopping choices isn't...

Nov 21 2014 7:48AM
Send a Twitter postcard for Mohammed al-Roken's freedom

Lawyer Mohammed al-Roken is well-known in human rights circles in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – if you’ve been at the receiving end of the government repression that rears its head in the Emirates, you’ll want him defending you...

Nov 11 2014 3:29PM
Join us for a live discussion with Nadya and Masha of Pussy Riot

This Friday, we’re honoured to have two founding members of the Russian feminist protest art collective Pussy Riot with us to talk about art, activism, Russia, freedom - and help us launch our annual Write For Rights campaign. Nadya...

Nov 4 2014 11:39AM
Eight inspiring human rights accounts on Instagram

Instagram might still have a bit of a reputation for being full of vintage photos of cupcakes, but with more than 200 million active users around the world, it's a window into every aspect of our lives - if you know where to look. If...

Oct 10 2014 3:31PM
Meet 'citizen four' and learn why we should fear mass surveillance

In January 2013, filmmaker Laura Poitras was several years into the making of a film about abuses of national security in post-9/11 America. She started receiving encrypted e-mails from someone identifying himself as ‘citizen four’...

Oct 7 2014 5:58PM
10 presents for Putin

Happy Birthday, Mister President! Vladimir Putin, 62 years old today, will be celebrating his birthday in Siberia, apparently. I have some ideas for presents, should any relatives or friends of the President be searching for last...

Jul 23 2014 4:19PM
The great social media crackdown

Reading this from North Korea? No? Didn’t think so. The big weird world of the interweb is completely off limits for the average North Korean. In many countries, a blog like this one would be considered way too risky for public...

Jul 9 2014 5:41PM
Real vs fake: authenticating Youtube videos for our human rights work

During a crisis or disaster, YouTube is widely used to share footage—including a host of videos that are old or, in some cases, staged or faked. An enormous challenge for human rights workers, journalists or first responders alike is...

Apr 24 2014 1:59PM
Turkey's #IzmirTwitterCase: a ludicrous and baseless attack on free speech

I was in court on Monday to hear first-hand the ludicrous decision to continue the trial of 29 young women and men in what has been coined the ‘Twitter trial’. The prosecution – based solely on tweets about the Gezi Park protests last...

Mar 25 2014 6:06PM
Twitter is still blocked in Turkey, and battle lines over internet freedom are being drawn

The Twitter shutdown started at about 11pm on Thursday night. My telephone started to ring: had I heard that Twitter was blocked? There was confusion about who could access Twitter, who couldn’t, and why. And would the government...

Mar 14 2014 12:33PM
The Unknown Known - Rumsfeld’s rules under scrutiny

Donald Rumsfeld: canny genius who deftly maneuvered his impressive political career into existence with one hand on the steering wheel of US foreign policy in the defining decades of the American century? Or cruel Machiavellian master...

Jan 24 2014 5:01PM
How you're influencing MPs on the Syria refugee crisis

Just last night, we launched an urgent action to UK MPs, asking them to vote to allow the resettlement of Syrian refugees. In less than 24 hours you've sent over 5,000 emails, and almost every MP in the country has been contacted at...

Jan 16 2014 12:32PM
Uganda's anti-gay laws: we need your help to spread the word

If you’re gay and live in Africa, this hasn’t been a good couple of weeks. Both Nigeria and Uganda, instead of setting an example with their laws (such as South Africa in the 90s), are going backwards towards state-sanctioned...