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2009 (5)
Oct 23 2009 12:00PM
Lobby to stop violence against women

The UK Government is obliged to protect, respect and fulfil women’s human rights. As the 2010 general election is coming up and a change of government is possible, all political parties must address violence against women. On Wednesday...

Apr 9 2009 12:00PM
Mobile phone campaigns in Kenya

Last week I went to the ‘E-campaigning forum’ also named for the specialists as ‘ECF09′. The event is for people who are into online campaigning. It’s in Oxford and it’s a good opportunity to network with people from non-profit...

Mar 31 2009 12:00PM
1in10: A case study in social media campaigning

After a few weeks of number crunching, we’ve now put together a full case study of our 1:10 campaign for International Women’s Day and the impact it had. I think the presentation below speaks for itself, but I would also like to...

Mar 11 2009 11:00AM
So, how did it go?

Friday morning, waiting for 1:10, was nerve-racking; When we asked all of you to change your status updates or tweet simultaneously, we really had no idea how it would go. As the time came however, it became apparent that it would all...

Feb 9 2009 11:00AM
Snowmen for human rights

Snow, snow, snow. I know it’s all anybody has talked about all week but I’d like to chip in with Amnesty UK’s own snowy adventure. As some of you may know, we’ve been getting quite into Twitter of late (along with everyone else and his...