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So, how did it go?

Friday morning, waiting for 1:10, was nerve-racking;  When we asked all of you to change your status updates or tweet simultaneously, we really had no idea how it would go. As the time came however, it became apparent that it would all be okay, as the tweets started to mount up.

As we sat and relentlessly clicked refresh on  our Twitter search screens, we were astonished by just how many of you chose to take part. We’ve been busy crunching some numbers since then, trying to find ways to quantify this online action and see its real world results. We’re not quite finished yet, but here are just a few things we’ve already discovered.


The effect of our action was most apparent on Twitter. Using data from sites like TwitScoop, we think people mentioned ‘oneten’ around 3000 times over the course of the day. We quite liked this graph that demonstrates the bubbling activity and peak in the hours surrounding 1:10.

It was fascinating to watch as the message spread and how it was amplified when Twitterers such as @Dave_Gorman and @JemimaKiss with larger followings than our own picked the message up.


We also owe quite a few bloggers a big thank you as they were instrumental in helping us get the message out.  It was also on the blogs that we saw the most heated debate. Our own blog has received over 75 comments  debating the ins and outs of the campaign or just pledging support. The fiercest debate however took place on BoingBoing and Liberal Conspiracy and it was great to see such an engagement with the campaign.


I’m also thrilled to be able to say that this campaign didn’t just create a noticeable moment online, it also referred over 8,500 to to learn about the issue and how they could make a difference.

We’re still waiting for final figures on how many people went on to email their MP, but will be sure to share that as soon as possible. What we do know is that the amount of actions taken via trebled from its usual weekly average and a vast majority of the actions being taken were part of our Stop Violence Against Women campaign.

This is a fantastic result so far, and all of us at Amnesty UK would like to say an enormous thank you to everyone that took part, who spread the word, or who debated the issue. Hopefully we’ll be able to tell you even more about how your actions have helped over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

What next?

Right now there a few things you can do to help this campaign further:

  • Did you email your MP? Have they replied to you? Let us know in the comments on this blog.
  • Let us know how you think the campaign went, what could be done better next time?
  • To take further action on our Stop Violence Against Women campaign, or any of our other campaigns, then sign up to and add your voice to an active online human rights community

Thanks again to all of you who have taken part already. We’re putting together a case study of what we did, why and how so keep posted for more news, stats and updates soon.

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