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2016 (13)
Dec 22 2016 5:02PM
33 Reasons to be positive about 2016

You could be forgiven for joining many others in writing off 2016 as a terrible year, but, before you do, we would like to make a case to the contrary. Did you know, this year you helped us free more than 650 people – that’s nearly two...

Dec 7 2016 3:17PM
The ethical Christmas gift guide 2016

By Georgie White, our online retail manager. ‘Ethical shopping’ has come a long way in the last few years. No longer purely the realm of the most conscientious consumers, or hardcore hippies – fairtrade can be affordable, fashionable...

Sep 6 2016 5:47PM
What do you want to say to Theresa May?

Update: This action is now closed. It’s been a year since the shocking image of little Alan Kurdi washed up dead on a Turkish beach led to an outcry from the public and politicians against the UK's shameful response to the refugee...

Jun 30 2016 3:46PM
Three ways you can stand against hate

In the last few days, reports of hate crimes in the UK have increased. We stand against hate no matter the source and no matter who is targeted. We’ve launched a campaign to urge local leaders to condemn these actions immediately and...

May 26 2016 10:42AM
Protecting the human rights of sex workers

By Kerry Moscogiuri, Amnesty UK Director of Supporter Campaigning and Communications Sex workers are daughters, mothers, sisters and wives. They are husbands, fathers, sons and brothers. And every day they are at terrifying risk of a...

May 20 2016 2:36PM
“I will never stop” – a mother’s campaign to free her son in Iran

Iranian spiritual teacher and prisoner of conscience Mohammad Ali Taheri has been in pre-trial solitary confinement for five years, and has launched over a dozen hunger strikes in protest at his detention. His mother Ezat tells us of...

Mar 14 2016 12:00AM
360° Syria: How media activists are shining a light on war crimes

These are no ordinary men you see before you. These are seven of the bravest, most heroic people in all of Syria. And as Syria is just about the most dangerous place in the world, it’s safe to say that their courage is truly remarkable...

Mar 11 2016 3:45PM
Edward Snowden: 'Privacy is for the powerless'

To mark World Day Against Cyber Censorship, Edward Snowden talks to us about how governments are watching everything we do online, and why we must bring mass surveillance back under control. Today, the government is granting itself the...

Feb 26 2016 5:13PM
6 inspiring human rights quotes

Credit: Jurgen Schadeberg 1. “To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” Nelson Mandela, South African civil rights activist Credit: Amnesty International Norway 2. "It means a...

Feb 26 2016 5:06PM
Forget the Oscars - here are our human rights winners from 2015

With the lack of diversity in nominees dominating the Oscars this year, here's a list of film winners we hope you can get behind: our top human rights movies from 2015 (in no particular order). We're bound to have missed some, but that...

Feb 15 2016 11:25AM
Act now: A solution is possible for refugees in Calais and Dunkirk

'I don’t know if this [making asylum application in France] is possible for me. But even if it’s possible to stay in France, I wouldn’t want it, I want to be with my family.' A fifteen-year-old boy from Afghanistan, now living in...

Jan 26 2016 6:25PM
Tweet the Greek PM: Don’t leave refugees out in the cold

Update 3 February 2016: Your response has been incredible - thank you. According to our sources on the ground, access has improved considerably and people have been arriving at the camp over the last few days. However the camp is now...