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Resources for Speakers

This page is no longer updated. For the latest resources and links please login to the Community Space and check out the 'Educator Essentials' post under the Resources tab.

As an Amnesty Speaker, you are an invaluable part of our team delivering human rights education to children and young people across the UK.

Here you can find the latest resources, training and provide feedback on your sessions.

Do get in touch to let us know what you’ve been doing, if you need any support or just to say hello.

General information resources

This two-page Human Rights Education Q+A gives a 10-point overview of why and how education plays a big role in Amnesty International’s work.

Amnesty International’s Global resources online: The Amnesty Global International Secretariat website is where you will find, alongside other information, our human rights research. You can search the site by both countries and topics. Additionally, the Amnesty Global YouTube page is useful for supporting film content.

Amnesty International UK online: The Amnesty International UK website is where you will find everything related to our work at a national level, from education to press releases to how to set up a youth group. Additionally, the Amnesty UK YouTube channel is useful for supporting film content, with some content available to download from the Amnesty UK Vimeo channel.

Amnesty UK support: Alongside support from the Human Rights Education Team, you might also connect with your local Amnesty youth, student and local groups, speak with our LGBTI Network, Women’s Action Network, Children’s Network or Trade Union Network, ask our Country Coordinators about country specific work or ask us to put you in touch with our Regional Media Support Officers.

Monthly mailing: As an Amnesty Speaker, you receive a monthly e-mailing from the Human Rights Education Unit with updates, resources and upcoming events. Get in touch to let us know what you would like to see included in this mailing.

Speaker practicalities

Expenses: As a volunteer you should never be left out of pocket. We request that you confirm with the school in advance that they can cover your expenses. If there is any reason why the school cannot cover your expense claim, please contact us in advance of the visit.

Activity log: After each visit to a school you are asked to complete this activity log. This enables us to request feedback from the school, monitor the programme and adapt how we support you.

Child protection: Safeguarding the welfare of all children and young people we work with is paramount. Read our child protection policy here. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch by emailing or by calling 020 7033 1500 and asking to speak to the Child Protection Officer.

Activist code of conduct: As an Amnesty Speaker you are one of our most valued activists. This Activist Code of Conduct describes the values that inform the work and activities of our activists. It also sets out guidelines for the kind of behaviour that we expect of each other. It describes what happens when we receive a complaint or an allegation that an activist has not lived up to our values or reasonable expectations of behaviour.

Session planning resources

Search the full range of Amnesty UK’s resources, browse our human rights resources for schools catalogue, read our Classroom to Community blog or see a selection of supporting resources below.

Have you created a resource you want to share with other Speakers? Email us and we can share this.

General introduction to human rights

General introduction to Amnesty:

Children’s Rights:



Human Rights Defenders

Human Rights Law

Death penalty:

Refugees, Migrants and Asylum



Women’s Rights:

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