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Human Rights in Secondary School resource pack

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This resource contains seven lesson plans for ages 11-18, which use innovative ways to explore human rights. They can be stand-alone lessons or used in planning themed or dropdown days across the school.

This pack contains all the resources you need to make a Human Rights Day or just one lesson engaging and memorable. 

This pack is in English. It is also available in Welsh.


  1. Understanding Human Rights
  2. Human Rights in the UK
  3. Mia Dia, Y Los Derechos (Spanish)
  4. Freedom of Expression
  5. Refugees and Asylum
  6. Is it a crime to be gay in Boldovia?
  7. Taking Action

Films from the resource

You Are Powerful
Human Rights Explained In A Beautiful Two Minute Animation
Jan’s story
I Talk Out Loud

This resource was previously known as 'Everyone Everywhere'.

Human Rights in the Secondary School Lesson Plans and Worksheets
Lesson 1 Powerpoint
Lesson 2 Powerpoint
Lesson 4 Powerpoint
Lesson 5 Powerpoint
Lesson 7 Powerpoint