Human Rights in Secondary School resource pack

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Download this comprehensive pack of seven curriculum-linked lesson plans full of exciting and innovative ways to teach human rights to children aged 11-16.

The pack contains all the resources you need to make a Human Rights Day, or just one lesson, engaging and memorable.


  1. Understanding Human Rights
  2. Human Rights in the UK
  3. Mia Dia, Y Los Derechos (Spanish)
  4. Freedom of Expression
  5. Refugees and Asylum
  6. Is it a crime to be gay in Boldovia?
  7. Taking Action

Films from the resource

You Are Powerful
Human Rights Explained In A Beautiful Two Minute Animation
Jan’s story
I Talk Out Loud

This resource was previously known as 'Everyone Everywhere'.

Human Rights in the Secondary School Lesson Plans and Worksheets
Lesson 1 Powerpoint
Lesson 2 Powerpoint
Lesson 4 Powerpoint
Lesson 5 Powerpoint
Lesson 7 Powerpoint